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Feats Revamped: The Goal of New Feats[edit]

Feats are something that everyone is familiar with but never ask the big questions about. First the feat is suppose to be valuable, limited, powerful and something that you are excited to acquire every three levels. As a finite resource these are suppose to help define your character, but the current setup manages to degrade this idea as the bonuses are less useful then an above average roll of the dice. In addition to the fact the bonuses don't do a whole lot in the standard D&D format is the fact in some cases the amount of feats you need to take in order to make something viable is ridiculous. Take ranged combat for example; to be halfway decent at ranged combat takes close to 5 feats and that doesn't even give you the abilities you actually want these are just enough to make sure you aren't completely at a disadvantage during a fight.

Now how this sourcebook deals with feats is divided into different catagories: [Combat] feats, [Skill] feats, [Magic] feats, [Psionic] feats, [Misc] feats and [Epic] feats. [Combat] feats which work off of base attack bonus levels and primarily help combat classes like fighters and to a lesser extent monks, rogues and other medium base attack bonus individuals. [Skill] based feats are primarily useful to support classes like bards, rogues and to a lesser extent monks. [Magic] feats are predictably most useful to magic using classes and work off the total caster level of the character, though the total caster level cannot exceed the character level of the individual. [Psionic] feats are much like magic feats but as the name implies they are most useful with psionic characters. [Misc] feats are all the other feats that do not fit neatly in one of the other categories. [Epic] revamped feats come from the fact that with how advanced other feats became the epic level feats were very lack luster.

Please keep in mind this isn't a "true" sourcebook; there isn't a lot of fluff and there is definitely not a lot of background. This is primarily a resource for quick reference to allow people the ability to quickly look up feats if they decide to use the expanded rules. In addition some of these feats depart from the sources they originate within (Races of War for example) because the feats themselves are either extremely overpowered or there are obvious feats that everyone would choose. The goal of this reference book is all feats should be equally useful and you should be deciding what to sacrifice instead of what to keep.


Chapter 1: Combat Feats

How the Feats have Changed
List of Feats

Chapter 2: Skill Feats

How the Feats have Changed
List of Feats

Chapter 3: Magic Feats

How the Feats have Changed
List of Feats

Chapter 4: Psionic Feats

List of Feats

Chapter 5: Miscellaneous Feats

Why this Section Exists
List of Feats

Chapter 6: Epic Feats

How the Feats have Changed
List of Feats

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