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Zuggtmoy: Lady of Fungi[edit]

  • Level: 2
  • Binding DC: 20
  • Special requirement: Zuggtmoy will not answer the call of a binder who has hosted Juiblex in the last 3 days.


Zuggtmoy is the Demon Queen of Fungi, A demon lord with dangerous interest in the Material Plane. Her worshipers envision a world consumed by the fungus host and are behind far more of the world’s ills than one might guess. She nominally rules the 222nd layer of the Abyss Shedaklah, but her rulership is challenged by Juiblex, the Faceless Lord, with Zuggtmoy traditionally holding control over its surface and Juiblex being forced to lurk inthe deepest caverns below.


A thick purple column of mist rises from the seal Zuggtmoy and then condenses and materializes as a foul demoness resembling a human only from the torso up. This portion of her body is composed of thick rancid sheets and coils of fungus that just happens to have grown into the shape of what would otherwise be an attractive woman. Four fibrous antlers grow from her brow, and her hands bear cruel talons. Her lower torso is a coiling pillar of lashing ropy tentacles and other fungus growths. Her skinis a nauseating swirl of grays, blues, purples, and blacks.


Patches of low profile fungus appear to grow from you skin, or fur, and in your hair.


You become remote as your connection to others seems less significant. You are unable to use aid action or heal skill for another.

Granted abilities[edit]

Fungal entanglement[edit]

Fills a small area with malicious fungus equip with spines and tendrils. Effects an area of 10x10 ft area centered on any point within 30ft + 5ft/EBL. Movement in this area is restricted as though it where under the effect of an entanglement spell for 1min/EBL. Creatures who fail there reflex save also take damage equal to 15 minus their flat footed AC. You are not effected as the tendrils give to you whim. This ability may be used as a standard action once every five rounds.


Your body disincorporates into a cloud of rapidly dissipating spores and then by a nearby fungal growth. As a full round action you may teleport from your current location to a location within 30ft plus 5ft per EBL which contains a significant portion of fungus such as that created by your Fungal entanglement ability. You may use this ability once every five rounds.

Plant resistance[edit]

You gain a +2 bonus on save vs. poisons and disease.

Symbiotic sustenance[edit]

In any environment which is neither a tundra nor a desert and able to support plant or fungal life your fungal patches provide you with sustenance that substitutes your daily need for food, and water. You must show Zuggtmoy’s sign for at least 4 hours a day to receive this benefit.

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