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At paragon tier, a zombie is not much of a threat. A mob of zombies is still not a threat. But a full horde, an army of zombies? Ones that keep getting back up after you knock them down? Well... not an insurmountable obstacle, but it might be cause for some concern. I found the best way to model this was to treat the horde as hazardous terrain that covered the battlemap everywhere they weren't kept out by walls. Then I could stick zombie Ogres and vampire lords as the actual creatures to fight, who can move through the zombie horde at will.

Zombie Horde
Level 16 Hazard (Undead)
1400 XP
Detect: No check is necessary to notice the area of the hazard.

The zombie horde can easily be heard through doors and windows, and no check is necessary.
Perception DC 16: The Zombie Horde can be heard through thick stone walls.

Initiative: N/A
Immune Single target attacks
Triggered; The Zombie Horde is always considered Difficult Terrain Actions
Melee.png Attack(Necrotic) ♦ At-Will
Attack: +20 vs. Best of Fortitude or Reflex
Trigger: A creature enters the zombie horde's space, or starts their turn within the zombie horde.
Hit: 10 necrotic damage (20 necrotic damage if target is currently grabbed) and the target is grabbed (escape DC 22). The Zombie Horde deals an additional 10 necrotic damage on a critical hit.
The Zombie Horde has the following defenses: AC 28, Fortitude 26, Reflex 26, Will 26.

Any successful area, burst, blast, or wall attack against the Zombie Horde suppresses it within the attack area until the start of your next turn.
A creature currently grabbed by the Zombie Horde may not attack the Zombie Horde until they have escaped from the grab.
The zombie horde cannot be permanently stopped until the necromancer who controls them is defeated.

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