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Zingonians are naturally curious and often go off without reason when in a party of companions but usually return being loyal to those they consider friends though when they return can sometimes be as random as when they leave.

Physical Description[edit]

Zingonians are normally around 6'-8' in height with females rarely getting taller than 7'. Zingonians are catlike humanoids in appearance having fluffy tales and ears as well as claws and sometimes are even know to have scale-like tough skin if they have chosen to bond their with a dragon. Zingonians also have catlike fangs and are also covered with a very thin layer of fur. Zingonians live for centuries and for some reason stop aging around the age of 30 and usually live to be around 1000 though some have been known to live longer than that usually due to being soul bound with a dragon or fey creature. Zingonians consider themselves to be an adult as of age 8 and are given full freedom to choose what to do with their life from that though many don't choose to leave for a pilgrimage until


Zingonians are respectful of all races but refuse to speak anything of their origins to non-zingonians unless they truly without doubt trust someone and even then they swear that person to secrecy upon pain of being hunted down by the Zingonian. Zingonians are also natural allies to good and neutral aligned dragons and the fey and are known to protect the earth's natural areas much like a druid would. Because of their race being as it is most Zingonians are confused about power struggles and things such as envy or greed but know pride and wrath very well when speaking of their own society. Sometimes when a Zongonian comes to age (8 years old) They choose to bond their soul with a dragon and fey creature that they have spent time with if the creature itself agrees. Soul binding for a dragon is usually done so the dragon may see through the Zingonians eyes and travel without ever having to leave its home and will only rarely ever leave with its soul bound partner while Fey creatures usually agree to binds themselves so that they may travel with their friends and not get separated from each other.


Zingonians are usually neutral or good in nature and almost are never evil in a case one turns evil and Zingonia finds out The King of Zingonia Sends out the Zingonian Guardian as well as hunting parties to track down and kill the evil Zingonian making sure their own secrets are not revealed and that the evil one doesn't cause too much trouble in the world.


Zingonians live in the secret mountain kingdom of Zingonia which is home of Zingonians, Dragons and many fey cratures where they live and grow together in a society where everyone helps and provides for each other equally all to protect the Earth's Heart. Zingonia is also known to have living crystalline trees that bear a crystalline fruit that's said to taste divine to those that can break its skin and many Zingonians are known to take these fruits with them when they travel missing them dearly when they leave as Zingonia is the only place they will grow. Zingonians houses are typically made of a type of crystal or gem that they shape themselves into their home and are usually made of diamond, sapphire, topaz, emerald, ruby and other such crystals and are even known to make weapons from these.


Zingonians worship no gods but pay homage to the earth and earthen spirits often thanking the earth for growth food and shelter or thanking the water spirits for good water even thanking animals they kill for providing food.


Zingonian, Draconic, Spirit are the languages a Zingonian typically speaks learning common only to converse with being outside of they're own lands.


Zingonians go by many names and sometimes even change their names but always have a true name that most know at birth others who don't usually have an important destiny of which they may go on a quest to find their true name they may tell everyone or just those whom they are intimate or very trusting of knowing the true name however doesn't mean anything as Zingonians simply just like to be called something else from time to time.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +4 Strength, +4 Constitution, +4 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma (Zingonians are naturally physically adept and make friends easily, but since they mainly live in their own land for the most part aren't very wise to the ways things are done elsewhere and are sometimes even considered naive).
  • +2 move silently, +2 listen, +2 to spot (A Zingonian's catlike grace, ears and keen eyes give it the ability to move without being detected as well as hear and see more than others
  • Humanoid ( a Zingonian has bonded with a dragon it is also considered draconic also bonded with a fey it is also considered Fey)
  • Medium (This creature does not receive any special abilities due to size)
  • Fey Bonded (Zingonian has a minor fey companion that he or she may summon or travel with and can also share a link and spells with. If a Zingonian or it's Fey dies the survivor must roll a will check of at least 20 or commit suicide, and even if it doesn't commit suicide is still constantly depressed afterwards and will do anything to get vengeance for its fallen friend)
  • Darkvision for 60 ft.
  • Ambidextrous
  • Zingonians may meditate instead of sleep but are not immune to sleep.
  • After a long battle or a boss battle the Zingonian requires more food than normal and must eat 2 rations. Otherwise they suffer a -5 to all checks and attack and damage rolls and also becomes really whiny and annoying until food is eaten.
  • Dragon Bonded (A Zingonian that binds itself with a dragon get +2 Natural armor and a +4 damage reduction. After reaching age 30 it can also use a breath weapon of 2d8 (damage type by the dragon it bonded with), may grow wings at will to fly around with at average maneuverability, and gains an innate 20% resistance to the dragon's element. A dragon may come to speak with the Zingonian and maybe even offer a ride when it feels the want to help but usually remains to itself. However if it truly likes the zingonian it will show up to avenge the Zingonian's death as well as retrieve the body so it may be returned to its homeland)
  • Zingonians can use their claws as a weapon for 2d6 Damage
  • Zingonian base land speed is 30 feet on land and if bonded with dragon he has wings of that dragons color and can fly 30Ft. at average maneuverability
  • Shape Gems (Ex) (can shape gems into anything they like provided they make a Concentration check of 20 or above)
  • Timeless Body (After age 30 a Zingonians body seems to stop aging and they suffer no drawbacks from aging, though they still die from old age after they hit 1000 years old)
  • Scent (can use one's scent to track them)
  • Naturally Psionic (Receives an extra power point for psionics)
  • Telepath (Can speak to creatures in their minds for 30Ft.
  • Feline creatures feel at ease around Zingonians
  • Immune to fear/mind powers

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Zingonian Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
18 years +1d12 +1d20 +3d20
Table: Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
30 years 100 years 400 years 800 years
Table: Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 6' +2D12 160 lb. × (1D20) lb.
Female 6' +1D12 140 lb. × (1D20) lb.

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