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Zen Read the entire thing![edit]

Personality *IMPORTANT*[edit]

As a Zen, you are typically confused since you were trapped, and taken away to a strange place. The last thing your Zen remembers is that before blacking out, he swore he saw people floating in glass containers. *IMPORTANT* Zen are races that have been taken from where ever and have been genetically modified to look ... different. You may be a human who takes on a personality of a Miraluka for example, and will be blind, but you gain telepathy, and can see through magic. Basically, you take on the powers of your previous race, and gain abilities of a new one (beast races, elementals, and other are also possible). You also may not retain your memories, as the Zen are manipulated to believe that you are the experiment of this laboratory, and you are genetically modified to have two (your original race, and a the new one or more at the cost of 30 max hp) races fused into your DNA. The scientists made sure not to use contradicting tests for when they tried to fuse a fire elemental and water elemental, it made the subject a steam elemental instead of a Zen. Your purpose is as the scientists direct you, and if you are planning to be busted out, you must make it to the B-DNA enhancement ritual circle, use magic to help them, and "pray to your god" that they can obtain their original memories back. You must make a 1d2 (or d4 if you chose more than one race, a 4 means re-roll) save (DC 1) to retain your original memories. If you fail, your Zen takes on the memories of the other race instead. Zen that have a mind of their own tend to do nothing and be Chaotic Neutral. Some Zen may come into the contradiction of being fused with the opposite sex. They may choose to adopt any gender they want, or be genderless.

Physical Description[edit]

The Zen are basically two races fused into one. When using the DNA fusing technology, the scientists did not believe the fact that they fused a Human with a Demon that the Zen looked like a human with horns, glowing red eyes, and demonic wings. try to make up what you think a race and another would look when fused together. They did successfully fuse a Fire elemental to a dwarf and made a flaming dwarf-like Zen once, but the Zen retained his fear of fire and killed him self. Remember, your Zen has to make a roll (DC 1d2 or 4) to see which side he retains the most. A basic Zen to the scientists is a Medium Human fused with a Beast Race and took more Human like features than his Beast Race, however you may need to alter your character if he retains his small or lage size to fit the stat changes.


Most Zen are automatically shunned by their previous community, and the side they reflect the most thinks they are mages who made them selves look like they are becoming an Abomination. Also because of the shock, Zen are confused and torn apart because they don't know which side to follow. As a Zen you must make constant Diplomacy checks (up to 4 max) when he enters a new town to stop the towns' people from running you though their blade. Zen long for friends or a friend, but most people run with fear, attack out of fear, or just steer away from them. Zen are often shy, and are not social because they believe they are Abominations. they are very obedient to their scientist masters, and if befriended they give off a friendship aura that boosts all rolls by +3 (so if I roll a 17 the Zen can change it to a natural 20, but I cannot receive the 20's affects). Zen have 9 stages of trust and friendship, and all Zen start off as Neutral. They are: Vilified, Hated, Dishonorable, Disliked, Neutral, Liked, Honored, Greatly Praised, and Idolized. If you are Evil, you can still receive the friendship aura, but you must show Dominance, Strong Leadership, and Power to the Zen (if he's evil).


Chaotic Neutral, or otherwise Neutral. When freed by a PC, they may choose their Alignment. If freed, the PC that freed them gains an automatic Liked status. Good Zen like trust, compassion, and love, while Evil Zen like cruelty, brutality, and power. If Neutral, the Zen may choose a combination of compassion, trust, and a good slaughter of a Human (example) when ever he can. The Neutral Zen must make a balanced combination of Good and Evil likes to avoid being registered as Good or Evil.


Freed Zen prefer to be somewhere quiet, alone, and remote. Zen otherwise prefer to be in the lab, sleeping in their test tubes.


Zen worship science and technology. Zen may also choose to worship their previous but only Dominant religion. Although some Zen want to be returned back into their original form, or reaccepted into society, other Zen do not, and only wish to destroy Takeshi's castle for example.


Common, Any Racial language from the previous races, and Zekku (the scientists language).


They retain all their names, and may choose one (or both) but Male/Female: Test Subject <insert random string of numbers here>.

Racial Traits *IMPORTANT*[edit]

  • the stat modifiers are the subtotal of the other races added to each other
  • Humanoid, and they gain a +2 to AC from Natural Armor.
  • Usually Medium
  • Zen base land speed is 40ft.
  • Friendship Aura: after becoming at least Honored with a Zen, the PC who befriended them gains a +3 to all rolls
  • Genetically Different: The Zen gains the abilities of all the races he has been fused with plus his original race's abilities.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Any Race's language fused into him,
  • Favored Class: None valued over the other.
  • Level Adjustment: the total LA of all combined Races

Age Statistics[edit]

  • Age: Zen are not affected as much by age, but they do eventually lose their +2 to any stat ability by the time they reach 1000. They can live to be 1234, and start life at age 0. They are Teens by 13 and Adults by 20. They are Middle Aged by 460, Old by 669, and Venerable by 990.

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