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Zaharei, survivors of[edit]


The Zaharei are a warrior race, after they destroyed their own world they formed a pact that no 2 Zaharei, unless mated (for a time), would ever walk upon the same planet together again least they repeat the calamity they inflicted upon their own world. The Zaharei live for battle, tend to be loners but will at times join in with others who's paths they know will lead them to worthy combat. If ever a Zaharei encounter another of their kind the pact is sacred and must be obeyed they will fight to the death. Zaharei can blend in relatively well in any Humanoid society that has a Martial element they can become a part of for a time, they don't socialize much and while they tend to be chaotic in nature will obey local laws and customs if it furthers their main goal which is being allowed to fight.

Physical Description[edit]

Zaharei are large by most Humanoid standards, 6'6" - 8'6". Skin color is Metallic ranging from Bronze, Silver, Iron, Gold, Copper by appearance and Eyes are Golden but usually covered by a second Black Eyelid they can see through for protection. Often the Zaharei choose to go Bald but their Hair color is Black and straight and can grow quite long if they wish.


The Zaharei's only interest in a race is if it engages in warfare, if it does a Zaharei will participate in the martial elements of that society, Occasionally a Zaharei will defend a completely peaceful society if for no other reason but for the challenge of being the lone warrior to defend a civilization.


Zaharei can be of any alignment. Zaharei are not necessarily "Evil" but rather "passionate" about fighting and live with "belief in a cause" that cause can range from "protection" to "destruction" or anything in-between. The nature of fervent passion to a cause makes it impossible to create a society among themselves as juxtaposed ideas must be fought over until death. A Zaharei at all times must have a "cause" to fight for and once that cause is picked the Zaharei will not stop it is the purpose of his or her life until he/she dies or achieves resolution of the cause. The cause must also reflect his/her alignment. A Zaharei cause might only last a day "kill the owner of Castle X" or can last a lifetime "eradicate all orcs" if a Zaharei finishes a cause he must find a new cause within 24 hrs.


Having destroyed their own home world The surviving Zaharei can be encountered just about anywhere. In the last centuries of war their environment was beset with radiation, magic, chemicals, poisons and had little atmosphere, temperature ranges, air quality, weather have make little difference to them as they are highly adapted to extremes.


The Zaharei by nature worship no Gods, a surviving Zaharei saying states "Pray to a God only that he might show himself and give you a good fight"


Zaharei all learn their native tongue at birth. Being a displaced Race they have a natural capacity to pick up local languages, in addition to their native Zaharei language they will also speak a minimum of 2 additional languages local to their starting location.


Zaharei only receive a family given first name at birth. At age 13 Zaharei are given an additional name reflecting their combat strength i.e Agmanon Bone Breaker, Celius the Impaler, often if they wish to respect a parent they will formally be addressed by ending the name with "Son Of" i.e. from the previous example Agmanon Bonebreaker Son/Daughter of Celius the Impaler. The Zaharei also continue to add to their names over time resulting in very long winded titles. For example take Agmanon Bonebreaker, Agmanon was given the surname Bonebreaker because he started at 13 as a hand to hand combat fighter and broke an opponents arm wrestling, at second level our friend Agmanon manages to critical a Tiger saving a party member, Agmanon having achieved a substantial moment of triumph might then choose to add a second surname and become "Agmanon Bonebreaker Tiger Slayer" by the time Agmanon is old he might be "Agmanon Bone Breaker, Tiger Slayer, Stormer of the Black keep, Lord of Elden, Master of the 9th Army.... etc" It is not uncommon for a long lived Zaharei to have an actual name a page long.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution,: Zaharei gain an additional Stat point that can be added to either Strength, Dexterity or Constitution (Only) each level. Through Century after Century of warfare The Zaharei have bred out most if not all physically weak traits, in Spartan fashion a weak or sickly child is killed at birth. The Zaharei body has evolved to adapt over time to physical stress and responds rapidly to combat and conditioning improving in physical prowess through it's life time.
  • Humanoid
  • Size: "Medium/Large"
  • Movement: Zaharei base land speed is 30 feet
  • Metallic Skin: Zaharei have natural Armor equal to their class level +2 (To a max of +5)
  • Acid Blood: Zaharei deal 1+1 points of damage per level to an attacker any time their blood is spilled in Melee combat (edged weapons)
  • Adaptation: Zaharei get +1 to all saving throws each class level attained (To a max of +5 on each)
  • Warriors Lust: Zaharei May gain +4 to hit and double their ordinary number of attacks for 10 rounds/per day
  • Protective Eye Lid: Provides Immunity to blindness from causes like sand or sudden bursts of light, consider it as a protective lens covering like a thick black transparent contact lens. When this protective lid is closed (default state) A Zaheri appears to have Black eyes with no pupil or Iris
  • Illuminated eyes: When a Zaharei chooses to lift it's Protective lid it's eyes are normal with a Golden color and faint glow which can be intensified to illuminate up to 20 feet ahead of them.
  • Automatic Languages: Zaharei Bonus Languages: Any 2 local
  • Favored Class:Any Warrior
  • Level Adjustment: +8

Vital Statistics[edit]

  • Zaharei develop very young and are cast out to their own devices by age 13 as ritual. They also posses an extremely long life span with an upper age of 1,000 but continue to grow in Strength and physical ability until the time they die. (800 + 2 d100). When a Zaharei dies of natural causes they simply suddenly "burn out" as if all the energy leaves their bodies at once. By Zaharei standards to die of old age and burn out this way is considered shameful. Zaharei prefer to die in combat and have a sense that tells them when they have less than a year left to live. Anytime during this final year the Zaharei can deliver a "final blow" which will end their life in a sudden rush of energy equal to their class level x 4d10 delivered in addition to a final attack. other creatures within a 300 ft diameter must make a fortitude sv or take 50% of that damage as well. This can be used only once in a lifetime and can not be resurrected from as it leaves no trace of the Zaharei body. Rarely a Zaharei facing impossible odds will choose to use this ability earlier and sacrifice him or herself with it, mostly however, Zaharei choose to save this energy for a full lifetime and use it as an epic conclusion to their lives against a formidable enemy.
  • Zaharei Aging Effects: Zaharei do not experience age related declines in abilities

Table: Zaharei
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male ' " + lb. × () lb.
Female ' " + lb. × () lb.

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