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Ever felt like your character wasn't cheesy enough? That what your character needs is a repetitive, constantly constipated fighter that shouts all of his attacks, yet enemies are still very surprised what they are doing? Ever wanted to shout really, REALLY, loud and have a gigantic aura of energy spout from your body?

Well, have I got a build for you!!

With three easy payments of $12,000 gp, you too can experience what it's like when it takes 10 minutes for a planet to blow up, yet that moment last 4 weeks in real life! Yes, ladies and gents, I bring you, the Z Fighter build!!! *pauses for dramatic music*


Books Needed
Non SRD Item Book Found In
Fiery Fist Player's Handbook II
Fiery Ki Defense Player's Handbook II
Ki Blast Players Handbook II
Raptorans Races of the Wild
Versatile Unarmed Strike Players Handbook II
Raptorans Races of the Wild

Game Rule Components[edit]

Race and Templates[edit]



Monk, Ki Master (Optional, especially after it gets tweaked...alot)


Fiery Fist, Fiery Ki Defense, Ki Blast, Hover, Flyby Attack, any additional flying attack maneuvers

Spells, Powers, Items[edit]

Fast Movement, defiantly aids you with this build. Any other method of increasing your speed makes this build insane.


Flying rules, which is why I love the Raptoran race. By level 10th level, you can fly without effort. Just imagine how cool it is to just be able to fly around throwing energy balls at someone


Wisdom, of course, is the way to go. Strength increases your carrying weight, for when you reach medium load and above, you fall. Everything else is your own decision.

ECL Class/HD/LA Feats Special
1st Monk Stunning Fist, Whatever As Per Monk
2nd Monk Fiery Fist (Bonus Feat) As Per Monk
3rd Monk None As Per Monk
4th Monk None As Per Monk
5th Monk None As Per Monk
6th Monk Hover As Per Monk
7th Monk None As Per Monk
8th Monk Ki Blast As Per Monk
9th Monk Deflect Arrows, or other fun options... As Per Monk
10th Monk None As Per Monk


Highlights...well, other than being a really cheesy character, you know, flying around shooting blasts of raw ki energy...doing damage left and right (12 max at lvl 10. You get 2 extra stunning fist attacks, which are the costs for the feats) I've decided to add Deflect Arrows to the mix because out of many options, it's a great idea to eliminate one of the main ways of actually attacking your character while in flight. Magic spells and such like that, of course, are still a option, but by 13th level, you're going to have spell resistance and Improved Evasion well before that time so it's gonna be tough for that regard.

Regardless of what level you take it, you will need Flyby Attack for this. You're flying around well beyond normal PC speeds. Plus, you got a nonspecific energy attack that does 3d6 a hit. At 10th level you can do some serious damage to them before you even need to go down and finish the job.

Munchkin-Size Me[edit]

Air Heritage would increase the build by making you move 30 feet faster.

Side Notes[edit]


Open field helps with this build. However, if you're unable to fly, you got yourself in a big loss.

DM Counters[edit]

There are plenty of spells, especially one that actually grounds a flying being. If you pull this, they go down and make them a monk without grappling or other fun stuff. Especially if they focus the rest of their feats on flying stuff.



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