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The Peoples of the Incarnation[edit]

These are the human-like races of the planet. Each of them share certain basic elements of their aesthetic make-up. First, their skin-tones can only naturally fall within the gray-scale color range. Second, the various parts of their eyes are all so exceedingly dark in pigmentation that they are seldom noticeable apart from the pupils. (Green or Hazel are rare eye colors, and albinos are born with both white skin and white sclera with pink or red irises) Third, hair pigmentation (if any) is normally in the very light shades; either gray, straw yellow, faint strawberry, or mouse-tan. This, however, does not stop the hair from being dyed.

Culturally, these people also tend to have a unifying ideological thread running the course of their history. They believe themselves to be part of a great Silver Sea, from which all intelligent life (they consider the Ghuvor to be beasts) originates, and where it all must eventually return. Each people has its own beliefs in where this hypothetical wellspring originated, but they almost exclusively believe that they have reincarnated from previous bodies, and will again when their present bodies die. This is not to say that other forms of "afterlives" do not exist, as each ethnic group holds a very different ceremony for their dead. Atheism does exist, as does Agnosticism, but major political figures tend to be deeply faithful, at least in outward appearance. The DM may decide that a religious upheaval or lack of the Divine presence may influence the campaign more heavily than Politics or War.

Below are listed permissible half-breed Ygneaujkol. A DM may choose to either prohibit the use of these races or simply to limit their own use of the races to NPCs, as they can be difficult to roleplay.

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