Yeenoghu: Prince Gnolls (3.5e Demonic Pacts)

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Yeenoghu: Prince of Gnolls[edit]

  • Level: 1
  • Binding DC: 17
  • Special requirement: Must speak Gnoll


Yeenoghu is the Demon Prince of Gnolls. However demands the servitude of legions of ghouls as well, and wields a triple-headed flail that can paralyze his foes. Dispite being on one of the lesser demon lords,yet he still commands a large empire on the 422nd layer of the Abyss, a region known simply as “Yeenoghu’s Realm.” He spends much of his time hunting lesser creatures or captured mortals and idly plotting assaults on the holdings of powerful demonic entities who are not themselves demon lords quite yet.

Today, Yeenoghu counts the Queen of Succubi as one of his greatest enemies and periodically raids her realm. He is always turned back by her defenses, but one day he hopes to gain enough allies to see to her ruin. Only Yeenoghu’s eternal war with Baphomet nears the level of his hatred for Malcanthet. The source of the conflict between the Prince of Gnolls and the Prince of Beasts is unclear, likely forgotten even by the two demon lords themselves, yet they show no signs of ceasing their eternal hostilities.


Yeenoghu appears to be a 12ft tall fiendish Gnoll, covered with mangy patches of yellow fur and has pale gray flesh showing where the fur is absent. His face is that of a leering, amber-eyed hyena, and he wields a massive flail with three spiked head. He rises from his seal along with a small heap of withered and shackled humanoids on which he stands.


You grow a filthy mane of streaked brown fur.


Yeenoghu forbids his host from harming any Gnoll who is not hostile toward him or his party.

Granted abilities[edit]

Flail proficiency[edit]

You gain proficiency with the following weapons; light flail, heavy flail, and dire flail.

Ghoul’s hand[edit]

As a standard action you may make a melee touch attack against a living creature, effected creatures are sickened and must attempt a fort at the begin of it's turn each round or become nauseated for one round. This effect last 5 rounds. Can only be used once per 5 rounds.


You gain track as a bonus feat.

Slaver’s skills[edit]

You gain a +4 bonus intimidation checks and on intimidation checks made to track humanoid creatures.

Gnoll affinity[edit]

In addition you gain a +4 bonus on diplomacy and Sense motive checks when dealing with Gnolls.

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