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Y∅n Ao Mure[edit]


In the absence of the Fey Wild, I created a world for the Fey. I enjoyed messing with the aspect of time and intuitive perception of the world and used that as a basis for the framework of the entire plane. Overall, this place is pretty removed from other planes— which makes it easy to incorporate in any home game— and can function as its own haven for adventures, rest, etc. As we move along the document, we'll increase in authenticity of information regarding the Fey and Ao Mure, moving from stereotypes and anecdotes— supplied from our in-universe friend, Jain— to straightforward lore. I hope you enjoy reading and exploring Ao Mure as much as I enjoyed creating and exploring it myself.

Ao Mure[edit]

"The World of the Fey is an everchanging place," Jain recalls. "When you emerge from a Way Tree you may find yourself in rolling hills, damp rain forests, deciduous wood, endless meadows, or caverns full of glowing mushrooms. No matter where you are, you must remain vigilant lest you become lost within Ao Mure for weeks, or months, or even years." Jain leans forward, his face grim, "And do not venture far underground. That is Yon— an eternity of subterranean mazes leading only into unending darkness. If you find a Way Tree in Yon, take it. It'll bring you to the surface in an instant, and then you can sleep until you're allowed to leave Ao Mure again."

There are two distinct parts of Y∅n Ao Mure.

The more notable part, and commonly thought of, is Ao Mure. This is the surface of the Plane. This is the first place in which you will arrive whenever you venture into Y∅n Ao Mure. Way Trees can be found relatively easily. Portals function easily. In fact, most people only venture along the surface because of how vastly different and expansive it can be, as you'll find out.

The less known part, and rightly feared if known, is Y∅n. This lays below the surface of the Plane. It manifests as a series of tunnels and caverns that descend further and further to an unknown, infinite distance. There are lùjiroñe here— plentiful fungus that exist as bio-luminescent mushrooms, free floating spores, or a variety of shelf conks. Way Trees can be found every vertical mile. Portals don't work here. It's increasingly dangerous the further down you go.

Way Trees[edit]

Jain nods his head knowingly, "They're very rare. You'll know'em by the bulk of their trunks— they go 'bout as wide as a barn door. They're somewhat stubby, but are rich with leaves and fruit. Easy to confuse with beech trees from a distance. Actually," Jain puts a finger to his chin, "it's hard to tell them apart unless you can notice the fruit." Jain balls his hand into a fist, "About this size, they usually have a deep purple or blue round fruit hanging off the stalks, but they're usually hidden from the outside. You might have to get close and look straight up, or climb in there and find some." Jain raises his eyebrows, "Good fruit. Sweet. Rich with nutrients. But don't grab'em," Jain admonishes. "The tree will get angry and smack you upside the head. If you just ask, it'll usually drop a few to the ground for you. You'll want to make nice with it if you hope to have any chance of getting inside." Jain smiles, "They don't call'em Way Trees for nothin', y'know."

The primary method to travel to and from Ao Mure into the Material Plane is via Way Trees. As Jain explained, they look like Beech trees, with thick trunks and thick canopy. If you're hoping to travel to Ao Mure, you usually just need to knock on the Way Tree and ask if it'll take you there. After a few seconds, the trunk itself will open from the ground up into an archway that leads into a seemingly hollow area within the trunk. If you go inside and simply close your eyes, then you will open them within Ao Mure.

To an outside observer, the trunk would simply close up, with you inside. In that instant, you are transported to Ao Mure of the prior Twilight.

If you try to keep your eyes open while inside, you'll simply witness the archway close and be in pitch black. If you attempt to use magic, you'll feel like it's a very bad idea (maybe a Wisdom check), and if you do try to cast a spell you'll instead feel an intense heat all throughout your body and suffer 1d6 force damage with every attempt.

The sweet, round fruit that hangs off the Way Trees are as good as Goodberries. The ones that are more prominently blue taste most like blueberries; the ones that are more prominently purple taste most like strawberries.


There is no aging in Y∅n Ao Mure, there is only growth and maturation. For the Fey, this means they only die when they are killed. [1] For mortals, this means a potential fountain of youth should they choose to stay.

Perception is Reality[edit]

"Funky business, that," Jain takes another swig of beer, and wipes the froth from his mouth, "Days and nights mean nothin' in that *hic* crazy place. One night can be a bleedin' eternity and you'll *hic* never see nothin' but the bleedin' stars!" Jain shakes his head, "'nd the second ya put yer head down for a lil' nap *hic* just a small wink ta git some rest for ya *hic* and the whole focken wurld changes inna eyeblink!" Jain's eyes widen as his head bobs back and forth, "If ya try'n git another wink in *hic* then," Jain throws his hands up, "'s'all different again! Night turns ta day and day *hic* back ta night like nothin'!" Jain shakes his head, and mumbles under his breath, "'s'crazy... Time means nothin' 'n tha' place... 's'crazy..."

Time is relative in Ao Mure. It'll slip right through your fingers like sand if you do nothing but sit back and relax and remain stagnant— what might appear to only be an hour of leisurely inactivity turns out to be a month in the Material Plane. However, if you make every minute count and spend that time focused on studying, training, exploring, or otherwise filling your time with eventful, meaningful, and diligent activities then what might feel like hours can be only minutes in the Material Plane.

Just as it's much easier to lose time than gain time in our relative frame of reference so too is it so in Ao Mure. In order to ensure that time doesn't pass you by, you must stay actively engaged and practically fill every minute of your time with some kind of conscious effort. This can manifest as the players stating that they'll be spending a Short Rest sharpening or oiling their weapons, reviewing their spellbooks or texts, or foraging for food, or keeping their eyes peeled, or humming a song to keep time, etc.

While exploring and roaming throughout Ao Mure, they must be ever vigilant and make an adamant effort to remain engaged with their own actions. For, as you'll learn, the sun will never move from its spot in the sky to show the passage of time in Ao Mure, and night will never turn to day as long as you remain awake. In order for time to pass in this conventional, observable way, then one must intentionally shut their eyes with the intent to sleep. After benefiting from a Long Rest, then one will open their eyes to find themselves in the next time period.

Time Periods[edit]

There are 4 Time Periods within Ao Mure:

  • Rising Sun would be 4AM to 10AM in the Material Plane.
  • Passing Sun would be 10AM to 4PM in the Material Plane.
  • Setting Sun would be 4PM to 10PM in the Material Plane.
  • Twilight would be 10PM to 4AM in the Material Plane.

In order to move from one time period to another, one must willingly close their eyes with the intent to sleep. Simply going unconscious or being made to sleep via magic won't have the same effect. However, the instant that one's eyes shut with the intention to sleep, they disappear from their current time period and move on to the next.

E.g. If Jain were awake during Passing Sun and then shut his eyes to sleep, he would instantly open his eyes in Setting Sun.

However, a strange thing occurs whenever you first enter Ao Mure from another Plane. You always manifest within Ao Mure on the previous day at Twilight.

E.g. If you're on the Material Plane on the 2nd of Hammer, and enter Ao Mure, then you'll be within Ao Mure on Twilight of the 1st of Hammer.
Timey Wimey Ball

Ao Mure has its own strange rules, however, and will not allow you to leave on the Twilight in which you've entered. You must instead complete a series of consecutive Long Rests— nothing more than a willful eyeblink to you— until you reach the time period closest tying to the time in which you entered Ao Mure.

E.g. If you entered at 9AM on the 2nd of Hammer, then you will enter Ao Mure at Twilight of 1st of Hammer; you must then complete one Long Rest— waking at Rising Sun of 2nd of Hammer. Finally, you will be permitted to leave Ao Mure via portals or a Way Tree.

Any attempts to leave prior to the time in which you entered Ao Mure will fail. Nothing can subvert this law.

When you leave Ao Mure, you may find that only a few seconds, or maybe a few hours, has passed in your destination. This is Ao Mure's strange relationship with time and the other Planes.

  • Smart adventurers may find a way to abuse this use of extra time by completing meaningful work within Ao Mure, before returning to their home Plane for some leisure time. However, even just a few moments of inattentiveness may cost you hours upon your return.
  • Just as well, you may spend so much time in Ao Mure, that you can no longer even return to the time in which you entered. Your only hope is to continuously Long Rest until you reach a point in time in which you're allowed to leave Ao Mure— if you hope to recoup whatever time you can salvage relative to the other Planes.
  • Should a clever spellcaster choose to cast Time Stop within Ao Mure, then they will simply disappear from the perspective of their companions.
  • If you switch to the perspective of the clever spellcaster, then they will find themselves in the same day and in the same time period, but completely alone. They have instead jumped "back in time" while in the same place. They cannot leave Ao Mure until they Long Rest to a point in time in which they're allowed to leave, or...
  • If you maintain perspective on the rest of the party, instead of the clever spellcaster, then they can leave Ao Mure, and return, then Long Rest until they reach the same time period in which the clever spellcaster disappeared to find them in the same spot in which they left.
  • Time Stop instead duplicates one instance of Luck if cast within Y∅n.

A World Without Dreams[edit]

Due to its strange relationship with time, no creatures dream while in Ao Mure. The instant you intend to sleep, you're already awake in the next time period. It is this curious feature that urges the Fey to seek the Material Plane— simply enjoying the ability to sleep is a welcome respite from their eventful, chaotic lifestyles.

However, something the Fey don't have to worry about due to their adaptation to such a hectic way of life is Exhaustion. Be forewarned, Long Rests in Ao Mure do not mend Exhaustion. Whenever a mortal completes 4 consecutive Long Rests, they will accumulate one level of Exhaustion. Practically, this means that a mortal will accumulate another level of Exhaustion every Twilight after the first. Spells and other powers will enable you to cure yourself of this accumulated Exhaustion, but don't expect Long Rests to do so.

Days of Ao Mure[edit]

"This bit's complicated." Jain gestures with both his arms as he explains, "Now, Ao Mure is a big place. It's like a series of stops along a circular route. Now, each stop along this route is another day in Ao Mure— another day, and another place. Maybe it's just coincidence but that doesn't matter, anyway, each day in a month is another stop on this route— another place in Ao Mure. So, the first of the month is the first day in Ao Mure, and the second of the month is the second day in Ao Mure, and so on. What? No, the month doesn't matter. Well, it kind of does, but," Jain waves away your concern. "Look, just know that the days go up to thirty, like any month, before they loop around to the first again. However," Jain inclines his head towards you, "as you suspected, there are slight variations. The holidays are also days in Ao Mure— they can only be reached on their set days in the year, unlike the normal numbered days. What?" Jain looks at you, absolutely dumbstruck, "You forgot the holidays, mate? How in the— well, you're an adventurer, so I guess if there's anyone who wouldn't expect a day off... There's Midwinter, Greengrass, Midsummer, Harvestide, and Feast of the Moon— and Shieldmeet, which only happens every four years anywho. But, yes, these are like slight diversions from our circular route we were talking about. After the holiday ends, then things go back to the numbered days, just like our calendar. The important take away is this: each day is like a different place in Ao Mure. There's the four time periods of each day, and that's it. Once you've past it, then you've gotta wait until next month to get back." Jain shrugs, "Or you can just come back here, and go back to yesterday's Twilight when you enter Ao Mure, and just sleep to whatever time you're trying to get to. It's up to you, really."

For an unknown reason, the days of the Faerunian year also correlate with the days and lands of Ao Mure. Although, each "day" in Ao Mure is more akin to another world within the Plane. Just as there are independent time periods that separate the space-times within each day in Ao Mure— which calls into question the law of causality, at least within the Plane— the days of Ao Mure are also seemingly independent of one another. The only exception to this rule appears to be those who venture down into Y∅n.

Genesis, the First Day[edit]

The first day can be intimidating should it be the first experience one has of Ao Mure. It is a darkened, barren wasteland. All is not as it seems, however, for the dirt beneath one's feet is rich with life: bacteria and nutrients to nourish an entire cosmos, and further below, an endless chain of aquifers that can rival it. Each time period appears very much the same within Dawn, with only the sun's light settling across the endless, empty plains offering any change of scenery. Way Trees can be seen every seven miles, with six seen on the horizon as though laid out on a hexagonal grid. Breathe life and relief while you're in this place, for you never know when next you may get the chance to do so again.

Primer, the Second Day[edit]

The second day is a blooming landscape, full of saplings and budding flowers. The plains are unfolding into meadows and young forests. There are ponds forming into lakes. Small streams that are a trickle compared to the rivers they will become.

Bloom, the Third Day[edit]

The third day permeates your senses with a synesthesia of color and smell. Flowers cover the grasses and the trees and lakes in a mosaic of plant life that cannot be described with simple words. The meadows gently roll up and down hills, and the forests are always aglow with color, if not sunlight. It's a tranquil paradise, or an herbivores banquet. As such, there are a prolific number of non-predatory beasts that roam Bloom, feasting and thriving amidst the flowers, and incapable of harming any visitors from outside Ao







The trees are alight with the melodies of the songbirds on this day. Be wary of any Nymphs you come across, for they are lascivious and seductive, and will tempt you with many promises that they will perform on you to make you sing. However, the true threat come from the Satyrs, for they are in as much heat as the other creatures, and do not take no for an answer.




Akasha, the Final Day[edit]





Aeons for Yvae[edit]

Midsummer falls just after the thirtieth day of Flamerule.

Kur Ramae[edit]


Bù Ñun[edit]

Feast of the Moon

Dawn of Añu Dae[edit]

Once every four years, there is a leap day that exists immediately after Midsummer, called Shieldmeet.


These are creatures that were born of from Ao Mure upon its creation. Some were sculpted by the hands and thoughts of the Fey Deities, but all were touched and influenced by Añu.

"Don't use fire if you hope to stay on their good side," Jain warns. "The Fey don't like when mortals use fire."


Smoke drifts from the pipe on his lips as Jain contemplates a starting point, "Well, I've never seen one of those things that didn't stand taller than a house. Once," he puffs a few more breaths, "I stood atop a mountain overlooking this massive valley— practically the size of an ocean, that— and all the trees below looked like a sea of green. Even then, I saw this massive treant walking along in the distance." Jain shakes his head, "Thing must've been as big as the mountain I stood on. Anyway, all in all, don't get them angry. I used to think the only way to die from a tree was with a noose around your neck, but these..." Jain shrugs his shoulders, "They're as much bark as they are bite."

In truth, Treants are typically neutral, as most Fey are. However, they have a strong inkling to defend specific territories and trees.


"Lovely creatures," Jain smiles in earnest, before he settles into a look of caution. "And deadly. Be careful with them. Some are willing to help you; some are more than willing to kill you, and watch you suffer, too; some are liable to do one as much the other, depending on their mood." Jain takes another sip from his wineglass before he holds it aloft and gestures with it, "If you have anything like this— or tabac, or mushrooms, or anything that'll offer them a break from sobriety— you be sure to offer it to 'em. They love it, and it'll make them like you." Jain points at you, "Now, don't think that having them like you is necessarily a good thing. They might never leave you— but at least they're less likely to kill you."

There are several kinds of Nymphs, each favored by a different Fey deity, and occupying a different domain:


Favored by Bù Ñun, these Nymphs walk with the wind.


Favored by Yvae, these Nymphs walk with the setting sun and twilight.


Favored by Deu'luj, these Nymphs dwell in the seas and large bodies of water.


Favored by Kur Ramae, these Nymphs roam the rivers and streams.


Favored by a'Djor, these Nymphs roam the forests and trees.

Fairies & Pixies[edit]

Jain shakes his head in distaste, "Annoying little liars. You can't trust a word that comes outta their mouths." Jain scratches his stubbly face, "Although, to be honest, I've usually been the one to stumble into them because they're so damn tiny and hard to see. Most Fey don't like being disturbed to begin with, so," Jain shrugs his shoulders while combing his fingers through his hair, "it could just be a string of unfortunate coincidences." Jain waves away his rogue thought, "Anyway, they have a plethora of spells and tricks they can use on you. If you're plenty resistant to their magic, then you should have an easier time squishing them— they are annoying."


Jain shivers, "Satyrs are a wild breed compared to the other sentient races in Ao Mure. They're far more primal than any of their cousins— even the Nymphs." Jain's hand rests on the hilt of his sword, "If you encounter them, then do whatever you can to drive them away: sneak past them, intimidate them, or even kill them. You may have heard that the Fey favor their independence and ignore all laws, and that's true enough. But at least most of them understand what it means to make a promise." Jain frowns in disgust, "Not so with a Satyr. They're guaranteed to backstab you as soon as they get the chance. They'll pillage and rape and desecrate anything they get their hands on. They're as evil as any demon. Be warned."

Perhaps Jain is exaggerating the nature of Satyrs. It's true, they do enjoy raping and killing, but that's just because of their unending lust and intense xenophobia! They are actually much more gentle with one another than they are with any other races, with the exception of certain nymphs. Their sexual promiscuity is the only trait that binds Satyrs together. Otherwise, they'd likely slaughter each other as readily they do everything else, with the exception of certain nymphs. Some nymphs, mostly dryads, will live and fornicate freely with Satyrs, before going on their merry way. However, most races rightfully fear and/or hate the Satyrs.


"Not all that much different from what you might expect, things like," Jain counts off using his fingers, "teleportation, illusion, misdirection, ambushes— tricky critters just like the sentient Fey. The mammals and forest critters are preferable to the insects and sea creatures, but that's just this old man's opinion." Jain fiddles at his belt as he speaks, "The whole mess of'em are deadlier than their regular counterparts, so be sure to bring anti-venom and antidotes and poultices to deal with their lasting injuries." Finally pulling a vial from his belt, he hands it to you, "Keep it. You'll need ten times as many if you plan to last any longer than an hour anyway."

Elementals & Archons[edit]

"Silver your weapons if you're planning on seriously fighting any of them. Unless you're lucky enough to find or acquire a magic weapon, it'll be your only chance to hurt'em." Jain thinks carefully for a moment. The barkeep slides over another mug of mead, which seems to snap Jain back to attention. "I'll be honest, I don't think I've ever encountered any in Ao Mure." He seems to put extra emphasis on the name, "However, if you head into Yon, you'll find almost nothing but." Jain takes a mighty long drink from the mug, tilting it further and further back. Finally, after draining the whole mug, he wipes his mouth and looks you dead in the eyes, "Don't go into Yon. It's not worth it. It's just an endless series of tunnels that go deeper and deeper into a dark eternity with the only light coming from the next archon waiting to kill anyone that passes by. Some folks might say there's treasure or wisdom or your true love or your lost loves— all hogwash. There's nothing there for us mortals. It's self-condemnation. An infinite penance." Jain grabs his mug and brings it to his mouth, before frowning in disappointment. He sets it back on the bar and shakes his head, "Emptiness..."


Some creatures didn't originate from Ao Mure and instead have lived here for generations and adapted substantially. These entities will suffer from Exhaustion like mortals should they spend too many nights within Ao Mure. Typically, they may seek to sleep in another plane, such as Arborea, the Beastlands, or the Material Plane.


"A Hunter may not claim another's quarry, heh," Jain takes a few puffs off his pipe. "They're not like the Fey— they actually do have a sort of code they abide by. Nearly all the ones you'll find in Ao Mure all worship that Hunter god fellow," Jain gestures aimlessly with his pipe, "the one that appears as a beast all the time. Ah, ah, Bù Ñun! That was it." Jain nods his head solemnly, "Instilled those centaurs with a sense of purpose, that one. They're a picky bunch, but they do have some honor. Don't worry about them attacking you if you see them. In all likelihood, they saw you first, and if they didn't, they can be remarkably accurate with those great bows," Jain's eyes widen, "even while at a full gallop! But they'll calm down a bit if you survive the first few shots and don't shoot back. Once you're acknowledged as a Hunter they're much more receptive to your words." Jain nods his head knowingly as he leans back and enjoys his pipe. After a few seconds, he looks at you blankly before leaning forward once again, "You do know Sylvan, don't you?"

Centaurs that spend a majority of their time in Ao Mure will usually go to either the Material Plane or the Beastlands in order to rest. Due to the equine bloodline, centaur are born as children, not infants. They are typically raised in the Beastlands in order to age and struggle for survival. The weak are culled while the strong survive.


"Just as there are half-elves and the like among the humanoid races," Jain explains, "so, too, are there mixed races amongst even beasts. However, these are rather exceptional as they've had to adapt to the strange nature of Ao Mure. As consequence, they're all more Fey than anything else, but still unique in their kind." Rolling up his sleeve, Jain unveils a tattoo on his forearm. You recognize the creature immediately, "Probably the poster child would be the griffon. If you know a damn thing about them, then you know how tough all the other chimera you'd encounter could be." Jain pulls his sleeve back down, "And that's one of the chimera with less Fey blood than most! They sometimes have magic resistance, or magic themselves, and some will even pursue you into another day of Ao Mure." Jain scoffs, "Wild beasts... Just kill them if they're too troublesome."


"Gein naal faal yolos," Jain mumbles under his breath. He then refocuses his eyes on you, "The only ones perhaps permitted to use fire within Ao Mure are dragons. Even then, most dragons that live there do not breathe fire, and they're remarkably docile compared to the ones you'd find anywhere else." Jain stretches his arms out to the sides, "They're massive— more massive than any other creature you may see in your life. At least, the ones that I met were. And old," Jain's eyes once again look past you, "they're very, very old. And wise... They know things about you that you may not know yourself..." You see a sudden look of pain on Jain's face but it's gone in an instant and his eyes are once again holding your gaze, "Like everything else in Ao Mure, they're dangerous— in their own way. I doubt they ever leave their homes nor sleep, so some are likely as old as Ao Mure itself. In any case, heed their words and warnings. Ofan daar wo los pahlok vahzah viik..."



chaotic Fey deity that enjoys chance, mystery and intrigue. Usually an amorphous mass of water, or silhouette framed by rain/snowfall.


chaotic Fey deity that enjoys shortcuts and loopholes. Typically a man.


chaotic Fey deity that enjoys hedonism and fun. Typically a woman.

Kur Ramae[edit]

chaotic Fey deity that enjoys creation and destruction. A man or a woman.

Bù Ñun[edit]

chaotic Fey deity that enjoys hunting and being hunted. Typically a beast with no voice, only thoughts.

Añu Dae[edit]

Fey overdeity that is partly responsible for the creation of Y∅n Ao Mure. She is, ultimately, a Goddess of Birth & Death and Natural Law.


"Do you remember everything I told you about Ao Mure?" Jain eyes you carefully as you nod. He nods back, "Good. Forget it. Forget anything you knew because in Yon none of that matters. Well, maybe the first mile might seem a lot like Ao Mure— there may be some plants, maybe some insects, and plenty of lùji. But, once you're past that first Way Tree," shaking his head, Jain seems to be looking past you, "it's not at all the same. Time becomes meaningless. The lùji appear less and less, leaving the tunnels dark except for your torchlight," Jain suddenly laughs, "which you'll immediately stop using when you realize that some of the elementals and archons rely on sight." Jain appears to be lost in thought for a moment, but then he abruptly continues, "Listen, Yon is home to nothing but a neverending fight for survival. Every mile is another Way Tree. Don't do what I did. Just take the first Way Tree you see back to Ao Mure. There's nothing for us mortals to find down there. Nothing but pain and death." Jain idly rubs his bare left ring finger with his right hand. Then, he notices you watching. He lets out a small breath, almost a laugh, "If anyone ever tells you something that sounds almost too good to be true... well, take it from your old friend Jain," Jain gets up from his seat, and gives you a forlorn look, "you can't change the past. Just focus on building a better future." Jain pats you on the shoulder as he takes his leave. It looks like he has an adventure of his own to finish. Best leave him be.


Every mile into Y∅n you travel will further dilute the flowing river of time. It drops by a magnitude of a hundred for every mile. You can spend decades exploring Y∅n and have only days pass in the other Planes.

Unlike Ao Mure, sleep is no longer a mere eyeblink within Y∅n. If you dream, it is only visions of events that will one day transpire in Ao Mure; from mundane animals grazing, to the death of an important figure.

Another strange effect of this peculiar dilation of time seems to somehow impact a mortal's body; regeneration is accelerated. A completed Long Rest restores Exhaustion as normal here, but also fully restores all Hit Dice instead of just half.


Lùjiroñe, or lùji, are a prolific kind of fungus that can only be found in Y∅n. They exist in multiple forms, such as:

  • Lumiji/Nightlight: These are the most noticeable of the lùji, as they emit an effervescent, blue glow. Although edible, they're quite bitter, and leave your tongue with a dull glow that can be rather distracting. They shed light in a radius of only the immediate vicinity, but if there are colonies of them along both the floor and ceilings, then they shine brighter and cover a 10ft radius.
  • Blood Bind: A type of conk that grows along the moist cavern walls, these lùji are notable for their medicinal properties. A wooden brown color, they naturally consume most bacteria and drink in moisture readily— useful in small portions for poultices. However, they seem to be disintegrated by iron. As consequence, if they absorb too much blood, they will dissolve into their constituent elements and simply be absorbed by the host instead. The only lùji to possess this property.
  • Munchshroom: A deep violet type of lùji that tastes quite delectable. The outside of the cap is crunchy, while the inside is chewy. It isn't particularly nutritious, but it does serve as a great addition to any meal, or simply as a snack. To humans and other human-like races, they taste similar to pork; to beastmen, such as catfolk, lizardfolk, centaurs, etc, they taste like poultry. They grow prolifically near any water sources, which teem with critters and beasts that feast upon them.
  • Canopy: Gray or beige in color, these enormous stalks and colonies stretch themselves to the ceilings of the caverns they're within, up to a height of 120ft. After reaching their maximum allotted height, their stalk then thickens and solidifies over the course of years— until it's as hard as iron. Over this time period is usually when some insects or beasts may create burrows or holes in which to live within. Their droppings, waste, and eventual corpses sustain the Canopy, as well as the symbiotic lùji of Dirt Web.
  • Dirt Web: A dark, earthy brown, these mycelium can stretch for miles and drink moisture, nitrogen, and whatever nutrients they can scrounge up into themselves. They function almost as a delivery system for themselves and other lùji that they're attached to. It's almost certain that the entire floor of Y∅n within the first mile is covered with Dirt Web lùji.
  • Golden Dust: Tall clustered stalks of ominous yellow and black dotted mushrooms, these lùji seem to cough up spores of themselves every ten minutes. If there's a wide area, or you're spending only a few seconds walking through, then the spores are relatively harmless. However, if you spend a minute or longer within, then they may be too much for your immune system to handle, and anchor themselves within your bronchioles and slowly grow throughout your lungs. This manifests as increasingly higher DC's for Constitution Saving throws, and can be cleansed via Lesser Restoration, any power that may cure disease (Lay on Hands, etc), or even a potion meant to purge your body of disease. If allowed to fester and grow, then you will eventually suffocate and die, and simply become a viable source of nutrition for the lùji.
  • Journey: An innocent looking red capped mushroom that appears a sparkling myriad of colors when exposed to sunlight. Just a small, tender bite will make one feel as though they're walking on clouds and in an entirely different reality. The higher the dosage, the more powerful and prominent the hallucinations become. Any who would dare eat one whole would usually be floored and incoherent for a time.
  • If you eat a full Journey, then you must roll a Con Save DC 25; you become incapacitated for 30 seconds if you succeed, and become Stunned for 10 minutes if you fail.
  • Consumption of a Journey may give you visions of the future, or allow you to commune with your god— roughly 20% of the time. However, there is also a 90% chance that it's just your DM trolling you. This roll is best made after your DM has already given you the vision.
  • Death Spiral: From a distance, this type of conk seems to almost blend in with the black cavern walls. However, if any living thing approaches, they begin to shine a putrid gold. This is their one and only warning. If a living creature stays too close for more than a minute, or touches it, then the conk almost hilariously launches a small spore at the offending creature. It floats gently, and is moved by the slightest breath— like the gasping of a surprised creature. Once it touches moisture, it instantly becomes glued to whatever surface it lay upon.
  • If a Death Spiral adorns itself to the outside skin/scales of a creature, that creature has roughly one minute to find a creative way to remove the lùji, or else the lùji will pierce the skin/scales and enter the bloodstream.
  • if already inside the mouth/throat/lungs, then the lùji will immediately begin its infection, and the Death Spiral will become increasingly difficult, and then impossible to stop.
  • The first round is the only round in which a Lesser Restoration, Lay on Hands, or similar disease purging power can be used to remove and eliminate the Death Spiral, otherwise the infection becomes too prominent and powerful to be driven off.
  • During the second round of infection, the infected must make a Con Save DC (30 - the PC's level). Upon success, the infection can be cured only via a Greater Restoration spell, or a similarly mighty power, and the next stage of infection is staved off for another hour. If the infected fails the Con Save, then the infection moves into the Spiral stage.
  • Boils and abscesses appear on the infected's skin/scales. At first they appear as red spirals intermingled with the infected's skin color, but they slowly darken over the course of hours. The number of hours is equal to the infected's Constitution Score, or only their Constitution modifier if they're a full spellcaster. Once the number of hours pass, the infection moves into the next stage.
  • If the infected is a full spellcaster, then they lose all their spell slots and are incapable of casting spells. However, the Death Spiral seems to stop adversely effecting the host, and seems content to live as a parasite within the host. All other symptoms seem to disappear, but the spellcaster is no longer capable of using magic. This can only be cured via Divine Intervention, a Wish, or a similarly powerful ability.
  • If the infected is not a full spellcaster, then the infected will only live a number of days equal to their Constitution modifier. The last days of their life will be spent with high fevers, agonizing pain, and a constant thirst and dehydration. Should they go more than an hour without a liter of water, then they will die all the sooner. This can only be cured via Divine Intervention, a Wish, or a similarly powerful ability.

The First Mile[edit]

The first mile into Y∅n refers to depth, and not breadth. There is an entire world of tunnels and chambers and subterranean lakes that stretch across the indefinite expanse that is the Plane of Y∅n Ao Mure.

The first mile is the only home of the lùji. An entire ecosystem of insects and beasts and plant life dwell here, and would not exist if not for the lùji.

It is unknown why the lùji do not extend past the first mile. However, due to this simple fact, there are virtually no life forms other than elementals and archons beyond the first mile. Yes, you may encounter the rare small surviving blind or colorless insect somehow making its way through the dark depths of Y∅n, but it will be a rare sight.

Miles To Go Before I Sleep[edit]

Every subsequent mile seems to be filled with more and more archons. The tunnels branch more and more, leading to enormous caverns that practically have their own skies. Here is where you will encounter entire lairs and citadels built by elementals and archons of all kinds— forming and breaking truces with one another. And yet, deeper and deeper, you can venture further into Y∅n, finding more and more archons of growing number and power.

Zero Over Zero[edit]

Eventually, you'll begin to only encounter Light Archons. Then, there will be nothing. It will be just you endlessly venturing deeper and deeper into Y∅n. There will still be a Way Tree every mile down, with its fruit to grant you sustenance. But you will find nothing more than unending darkness, or so it's been said.

For me, this is where the connection to the Chrono Plane begins. It takes an eternity to reach, and perhaps is impossible for anyone to make the journey, simply because traversing eternity should be impossible for anything that is anchored by time, but maybe there is some way for you to make that journey.

If you can do the impossible and reach the Chrono Plane, then you can theoretically travel to any point in time.

But the Chrono Plane doesn't exist. It's never been mentioned before, and no one has ever put a name to it. And, yet, Y∅n Ao Mure is the only Plane with this strange relationship with time. There's no way that Y∅n is just an endless eternity of darkness, is there?

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