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Below the city of Blackmoor is the realm of Wunderland - extending far beyond the city walls above it pre-dates the city by thousands of years. The peculiar geology is supported by ancient magics that are still very evident - impossible architectures, ever-burning lights, sources of freshwater and heat. All of this is worlds apart from the mundane world above - maybe this ancient realm of magic draws some of that magical influence from above.


A town below the Keyhole District, emerging to Blackmoor through the Sighing Gate, an underground stair of locks that connects the Stillwater with the Seven Ways Canal. The town is clustered around a wide basin of water with many small canals leading to fish hatcheries and loading docks.

The architecture is small but recognisably human set against a clearly mystical geology. The natural cave walls are made up of recursive iterations of the same gothic decorative arches that go from great spans that cross the pool to invisibly small. It is this impossibly strong magical architecture that supports the weight of the city above and permits the underworld to exist at all.

The town lives as a secret trading port between the underworld and the city of Blackmoor. Known only to the Right Folk and the more senior tires in government, it has tacit approval as a capital of the demi-monde, with no interference or even acknowledgement from above.

The Council of Four[edit]

Elverton is ruled by four elders, they are appointed by the guilds and broadly represent the interests of the traders of the town though the business of governance is extremely lightweight. One aspect that they are extremely protective of is the eel trade, over which they hold an underground monopoly.

The Eel Pie[edit]

The tavern is the best of four that serve the town, and it is here that characters will find themselves. The other taverns service the town's workers and are less welcoming. The proprietor is Red, a garrulous Hill Dwarf who knows Blackmoor well and has regular dealings with them.

The Wilds[edit]

On the farthest reaches of Wunderland, The Wilds are home to the Faerie Court.


An ancient library buried beneath the Citadel it is home to the Ice Queen and her subjects.


Many days travel from Elverton, this is a similar underground town, home to several clans of Gnomes that trade widely.

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