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Most of the world's history and culture is inked into the pages of tomes that lie in the dusty halls of libraries and live in the studies of great wizards. Those who write these tomes can influence the way people think and feel, how events are remembered, and how the future may be looked out. You are one of these people, a writer.

Few people look at a writer as one who goes out of their way to find knowledge, many, in fact, imagine a writer to stay at their desk and merely write until their dying breath. This raises the question: How do the authors who write of the natures of beasts and fey learn of these things? Simple, they go out into the world themselves. They say a writer’s greatest tool is his ink and quill, but clearly a sword and spell can help pull a book together just as well.

What has driven you to leave your writing desk and go out into the world? Was it to find more information or get some first hand experience about your new book's topic? Was it to help stir up your creative flow, find a new muse or find a way to get rid of your writer's block? Was it that you were forced out as your books were deemed too dangerous or taboo?

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation and History (non-fiction writer); or Performance and Insight (fiction writer)

Tool Proficiencies: Calligrapher's supplies

Languages: One of your choice

Equipment:Calligrapher's supplies, a book (your first draft newest book or the first copy of your first/ most popular book), a blank book, a bottle of black ink, a quill, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 15gp .


The style of books you are writing, or have written.

d10 Specialization
1 Action and adventure
2 Romance and drama
3 Mystery and horror
4 Travel guide
5 Anthology and poetry
6 Science, arcana or history
7 Philosophy
8 Bestiaries
9 Political or religious treatises
10 Cook books

Feature: Fan Base[edit]

Your publications have particular significance to some of your readership. You have amassed a fan base, which might be widespread or small and fanatical. You are always somehow running into a fan that can help you, or at least willing to put you up for the night, even if it's to get a sneak peek at your next book or get an autograph.

Alternative Feature: Publisher[edit]

You have gained the services of a Publisher, a small company that has picked up one or more of your books to print and is willing to help you write your next book, within reason. A publisher could help set up a meeting with knowledgeable people that could aid you, like a local guide to help navigate unknown land, or a researcher/historian who help you find certain information. A publisher could also help by paying for certain services, like Ship's Passage or a Coach cab between towns, in some cases a publisher could be pressed to pay for more expensive services but the cost of which would come out of the sales of your book(s) later on.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I often ask is this what my lead would do?
2 "This will be perfect for my next book!"
3 I can't resist a good story, especially after a good drink
4 I watch how people interact with each other and will often write notes down about them
5 I base my character off people I know, to the point which I get them mixed up
6 I read everything I can get my hands on
7 I can lose track of time when I start to write/read
8 "YOU HAVEN'T READ IT YET! ... we'll see to that"
d6 Ideal
1 The Story line: There is always a beginning, middle and end to every story (Lawful)
2 Creative spark : The world needs some new stories and I'm going help make them (chaotic)
3 Passion: Even if no one read my books I will keep on writing (Neutral)
4 Helper: If my books can help at least one person I will be happy (Good)
5 Greed : I'm only here to improve my book sales, even if I have to exploit and manipulate others(Evil)
6 Discovery: The more of the world I see, the better my books will become (Any)
d6 Bond
1 I owe my publisher everything, if they didn't take a risk for me I would have never sold a book
2 I love my fans, with out them I would be nothing
3 I idolize an author that inspired me to pick up the quill myself
4 My head is full of stories and ideas, I need to write about them, I don't care if people read them or not
5 I found an unfinished book that is masterpiece and I will complete it one day
6 My book sales help to keep a institution close to my heart from closing
d6 Flaw
1 I find it hard to trust new people, they could be out to steal my work
2 I regularly suffer from writer's block, and it cases me to get irritable and angry
3 No one knows, but I stole a friend's idea/research for my first/most popular book, I still feel guilty
4 If it would help the sales of my books I would make a deal with the devil
5 I use my book(s)popularity to boast to people, I often embellish how many I have sold
6 I can't handle criticisms , I find them to be an attack on my person

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