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Wraith Vine Bramble[edit]

Wraith vine brambles are large patches of dull-yellow brown vines that commonly span areas of around 85 acres, growing in areas where the veil between the material plane and the Shadowfell is particularly thin. Wraith vine chokes out all other life in the area it inhabits, draining nutrients and moisture from the soil and parasitizing large trees. As wraith vines spread so too does the weak point in the veil, getting thinner and thinner as native creatures from the Shadowfell begin to spill into the material plane to cause chaos and misery.

Unstoppable Growth Wraith vine brambles are unstoppable unless either the veil is repaired, or the central mass of the bramble is destroyed. a wraith vine bramble's central root mass has 196 health points, AC 11, vulnerability to fire damage and immunity to psychic and necrotic damage.

No Peace For the Dead A sentient humanoid that dies with vengeance, hatred or sorrow on it's mind while within a Wraith vine brambles becomes a Wraith weed if its body is not moved or it is not revived after 1d4 days.

From the Shadow Once per day, at least 4 Shadowfell creatures emerge from the vines. (Roll 1d8 to determine monsters.)

Wraith vine bramble monsters
Monster Amount Number (1d8)
Ghost (chaotic evil) 1d8 1-2
Specter 1d8 3-4
Shadow 1d10 5-6
Shadow creature (humanoid) 1d4 7
Shadow creature (beast) 1d6 8
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