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Worshipper of Banjo[edit]

You dare mock the mighty Banjo? Prepare to smote,Infidel!
—Elan, Human Bard, Order of the Stick #80

Prerequisite: None.

Being the second worshiper of banjo you revere your new god and his first worshiper, Elan. Though Many have worshiped him before and have left, you plan to stay with him And with a 3o day guarantee you know he prizes his worshipers.

Worshipper of Banjo Path Features[edit]

Banjo's Blessing (11th Level): You gain an extra 3 hit points per level after taking this path, and can take one extra daily power.
Banjo's Smote (13th Level): When you use a action point you do 1d6 extra lightning damage until your next turn.
Control of Banjo (19th Level): Any magic weapon can also be considered as a dancing weapon.

Banjo's Note Worshiper of Banjo Utility 11
With a word banjo strums a note for all to hear.
Minor Action '
Effect: All skill checks you or your ally's make gain a +5 bonus until each players skill check is taken,or the encounter ends.

Banjo's Smote Worshiper of Banjo Attack 12
Banjo wrath overflows as a small lightning cloud appears over your opponent.
Standard Action Range 5
Target: One creature
Attack: Charisma Vs. Reflex
Hit: Ongoing 5 Lightning damage.
Miss: 1d6 Lightning damage

Control of Banjo Worshiper of Banjo Utility 20
You call on banjo to attach strings to your now dead foe, and he rises to fight your opponents.
Standard Action Range 3
Target: One dead creature
Effect: You gain control of one corpse. It has 10 for all its stats and can make one bite attack attack, using your strength modifier. It acts on the same turn as you.It's bite attack Does Strength vs. Ac and deals 1d8 dmage.

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