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Adventure Background[edit]

This quest is mostly for comic relief and is not for a more serious game. It is also a skeleton (Intenionally please don’t over flesh out this page) and requires work by the DM.


While adventuring in whatever location the party is from they fall through a pitfall. They’re hurling through a swirling vortex for what seems like days until they land unharmed in a warm wheat field. They are greeted by an old farmer named Merlin. He questions the party about their origin and offers them shelter for the night.


<- Your party’s classes will determine what happens next. If your party is mostly spellcasters he will send them to the nearby village of egalliv to seek out the wizard Merlyn (no relation to the Merlin your with) at the spell casting goods store known as Mage-Mart where you might see about getting back to your own world. (If the caster[s] on the party have teleport or planeshift or other similar magic it doesn’t work.) If your party has a warlock farmer Merlin hides and refuses to help you. If your party is mostly non spellcasters farmer Merlin hires you to escort him into town to carry supplies (where you just happen to meet wizard Merlyn) for 15gp each. ->


<- Places in Egalliv,

This town is the threshold between the desert and the plains. Here there are taverns and trade posts and small markets but no military or fighters of any kind. The only magic wielders besides wizard Merlyn are street gypsies with a few cantrips but nothing more.

Tower of the SandWitch,

See Mage Mart below first.

This will be very easy to spot as it is the only structure for miles. It also is surrounded by a moat with a fountain in the middle of a barren wasteland. The gates will swing open at your arrival and a floating black orb with one red eye will greet the party in the common tongue. The orb contains the soul of the sandwitches sister trapped within. The sisters name is Merlina (no relation to the other Merlins) she was a high elf like her sister, she’s lawful good and was a paladin. The sandwitch cursed her sister to be her slave when she became a witch. Ever since Merlina has prayed that heroes from another world might come and save her by killing the sandwitch once known as Tunaep Rettub. She knows the layout of the tower (make up whatever tower design, traps, guards etc... that fits your vision of how a sandwitch lair should look.) and will help you with the knowledge she posses if you agree to slay Tunaep, she has no combat power but has 30ft speed and is unkillable unless her sister makes contact with her and speaks the command word of destruction. Tunaep doesn’t know what Merlina is doing. ->

Step or Location[edit]

<- Mage Mart,

Here is the only place to buy magic, and it is five times the normal price. Most of the stuff is just trinkets and nothing exceeds rare level. That is nothing for sale exceeds rare level, Merlyn has a few pieces for himself of higher quality... Merlyn is slightly mad and eccentric, if you argue about price or try to negotiate he wacks you upside the head with a stick he carries around then uses magic to block counter attacks. He is good in nature but definitely greedy. He will send you back home if you do something for him of much greater value and difficulty. Specifically you must travel 100 miles into the desert of bones and defeat the Sand-Witch and bring back a Mithral decanter of endless water that she took from him. ->


<- Use any spellcaster stats for the sandwitch. This quest is just a skeleton to be fit to any challenge rating with some work on the DMs part. For Merlin use commoner stats. For Wizard Merlyn use Archmage. For Merlina use the info provided in tower of the sandwitch ->


<- Tunaep Rettub now known as the Sandwitch is a high elf who sold her soul to the dark spirit of the desert so that her magic would eclipse her younger sister. Essentially Tunaep Rettub (peanut butter spelled backwards) was “jelly” of her sister so she became the Sand-Witch.

Merlina is still a paladin at heart and if her sister dies she will be able to reform into her elf body and resume with her paladin duty and slay the dark spirit of the desert (potential future campaign seed)

Farmer Merlin is just a story starter and if background is necessary to your party give him a cliche “wise old farmer” back story.

Wizard Merlyn is insane and greedy but not at all evil he will hold up his end of the bargain to the letter if you hold up yours. ->


<- If the party fails very little changes, the witch just hoards stolen valuables but doesn’t have world ending schemes. Merlyn just goes without his decanter and Merlin hires someone else to carry his supplies.

However if you succeed the dessert can be taken back by Merlina by slaying the spirit (possible future campaign) and prosperity will be brought to Eggaliv. ->


<- Roll on the random magic items tables and the random art tables in the DMG at least two rolls per player. ->


<- Either the party stays in The World of Merlin or they return to where they fell from. (If it wasn’t noticeable already the pitfall was placed there by whatever fantasy god Merlina follows.) ->

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