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Wordcasting is a spellcasting method that works by stringing words together. Since a spell is composed of Modifiers (Optional):Spell Shape Word (Required):Effect Word(s) (Required), no spell is fewer than two words long.

A word spell's level is equal to one-third the spell's word count, rounded down.

In order to successfully cast a spell, the caster must make a caster level check against a DC equal to the spell's word count. References to the DC of the spell refer to this DC. Note that the Keeping Chance section changes the rules for making this caster level check.

If you successfully cast a spell, deduct its full word count from your current number of words per day. If you fail to cast that spell, deduct half that many words. On a roll of a natural 1, the spell automatically fails.

The time it takes to cast a spell is proportional to the number of words in it. A two word spell is an immediate action. A three word spell is a swift action. A four to ten word spell is a standard action. An eleven to twenty word spell is a full round action. For every twenty words after that, starting with twenty-one words, add on another consecutive full round action.

Maximum Word Count
Casting Time Normal Tungtwist or Accelerating Pronouns Tungtwist and Accelerating Pronouns
Immediate Action 2 4 8
Swift Action 3 6 12
Standard Action 10 20 40
Full Round Action 20 40 80
+1 Full Round Action +20 +40 +80

Spell resistance works on every spell except for those with the Orb spell shape (or any other spell shape which specifically states that spell resistance does not work). Characters who are not directly targeted by a spell do not get spell resistance against it.

Wordcasting spells normally have both Verbal and Somatic components.

Arcane Spell Failure: Wordcasting spells with a somatic component suffer from arcane spell failure.

Keeping Chance[edit]

In order to encourage wordcasters to take risks, the number rolled on the d20 for the caster level check is multiplied. At level 7, it's doubled. At level 14, it's tripled. At level 21, it's quadrupled, and so on.

Caster Level Check
Caster Level Roll
Levels 1 through 6 1d20 + Caster Level
Levels 7 through 13 1d20x2 + Caster Level
Levels 14 through 20 1d20x3 + Caster Level
Levels 21 through 27 1d20x4 + Caster Level
+7 levels 1d20x(+1 from above) + Caster Level

Wordcasting Classes[edit]

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