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Woodcutter, Lumberjack, Woodsman, what ever title they go by the profession is the same; To cut and chop wood for themselves or to sell. They live among the trees and forest critters, learning the best ways to do what they love, chopping down trees. Though some take pleasure in devastating forests and others feel compelled to keep the balance of nature intact all they all have a passion for axes and the great outdoors in common. When choosing this background it is important to ask yourself these questions: What kind of Woodcutter is my character? Is your character the kind to save young girls from big bad wolves? Or are they the kind to ignore the girl? Who do they sell to? Do they have family? Who taught them the profession they have fallen in love with? What draws them into the world of adventure? Or did they get unwillingly pulled into it?

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Nature

Tool Proficiencies: Lumberjack's tools, Vehicles (land)

Equipment: A set of work clothes or common clothes, lumberjack's pack and a belt pouch containing 5gp or 1d8 gp.

Feature: TIMBEEERRRRR![edit]

You know your way around a good tree, what material it is good for, what it can make, and how sturdy it would be. You know how a tree will fall, if it is old or young. You know what a good quality tree and wood is and people would be hard pressed to fool you with rotten material. Because the wooden sense you have guarantees you a good quality batch of lumber, when you sell wood, people are willing to pay more for it.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Working in the wilderness with nothing but the tools on your back and the trees and critters around you has shaped you. It has changed your personality, your goals and your general out look on life like no other field of work can.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I like to talk at length to people about the art of felling a tree, whether they are interested or not!
2 The Woods is my home. I dare not stray too far from them.
4 I can only ever have a smile on my bearded face.
5 I'll beat anyone at a wood chopping contest. Anyone! (Cockiness to the point of arrogance)
6 I'm just a Woodcutter, I didn't ask to be a hero.
7 The best two things in the world are the smell of chopped oak and the taste of a fine ale.
8 I will defend my masculinity to the extent of other's thinking I'm insecure.
d6 Ideal
1 Nature. Just like trees, people live and people die. It's the law of the land. (Lawful)
2 Life. A tree must be chopped at the right time. You wouldn't pull a sapling from the ground. (Good)
3 Seasons. Winter is the season of the dead, Spring is the season of life. I'm somewhere in between. (Any)
4 Domination. I am the ruler of the woods. Everything in it life beneath my boot or beneath my axe! (Evil)
5 Wild. Some times you just have to let things live. Let them grow and see where nature takes them. (Chaotic)
6 Self-Betterment. I'm just trying to be the best I can be. And do what's best for me. (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 Everything I carry on my person is all I have. I won't part from any of it.
2 The Woods are my home. I will not venture far from them.
3 I do everything I do, to raise gold for my family.
4 I live in the forest chopping wood to hide from my past.
5 Chopping is a time honored tradition passed down the family line. I won't break tradition.
6 I yearn to explore, to see how many kinds of tree there are in the world.
d6 Flaw
1 I speak with my axe, when the time calls for it.
2 I have a bad habit of going chopping after having a few pints.
3 Sometimes I sell bad wood to people who don't know better.
4 I am overly protective of my land, my woods and my trees.
5 My masculinity means everything to me.
6 Women love a man with a thick beard. And I love the women.

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