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Wolf Knight[edit]

Hailing from a far land with great forest you and your clan mates worked vigorously. From protecting your home from unwanted enemies, or going out and taking out the larger threats. You worked together. You have formed bonds, allies, and friends with almost everyone in your clan, and they will help you if need be. But you were set out to help those from other lands and perhaps create a new pack and clan to help those around and keep the values of your former clan alive.

Skill Proficiencies: Choose two from: Athletics, Intimidation, Perception, Survival, or Animal Handling

Tool Proficiencies: Vehicles (land), playing card set, and one musical instrument

Languages: Sylvan

Actions: Bite, Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 7 (4d12 + ) piercing damage. If the target is a creature, it must succeed on a DC 11 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.

Equipment: Small banner of your pack, set of common clothes, a dagger imbued with the spirit of a wolf that returns to you, and a pouch of 25 gold pieces.

Wolf Knight Type[edit]

What type of Wolf Knight are you for the pack?

d4 Specialization
1 Alpha
2 Sentinel
3 Freelancer
4 Enforcer

Feature: One Of The Pack[edit]

Your training wasn't just about weapons, but also about working together to be better than any could be alone. As such, people tend to be more willing to fight with you and work with you, sensing the warrior in you. Those with the military background or that are willing to help are more likely to fight beside you.

Alternate feature: Wolf Whisperer[edit]

As you lived with and worked closely with wolves and you being a part of the pack, you and your clan mates have developed similar features of a wolf (such as enlarged Canines, sharper senses especially hearing and smell gaining keen senses and a shaggy rough appearance) as well as being able to commune with them. Any wolf based creature you can speak to. As well as advantage on animal handling for wolves and any wolf based creature.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d6 Personality Trait
1 I fight honorably and for the pack.
2 I feel responsible for the protection of the pack and leaders.
3 I can't get rid of the images of my fallen comrades.
4 I will treat others with respect and kindness
5 I have a good sense of humor
6 I will live as a soldier and I will die as a soldier
d6 Ideal
1 I'm a Soldier, not a Monster:I will follow orders along as it doesn't have me hurt innocents (Lawful)
2 Savior: I will protect and save innocent lives(Good)
3 Good Soldiers follow orders... right?: Orders are orders, I have to follow them. (Neutral)
4 Pack: My family, my friends, or my pack are all that matter (Any)
5 Willing to do anything: If innocents must die in order for us to win then so be it (Evil)
6 Monster: innocent or not, if they aren't with us they're dead (Chaotic)
d6 Bond
1 My Family and comrades are what keeps me going to protect the pack
2 My comrades are family and will die for them if needed
3 I respect my Alpha as he respects us
4 My family ancestors inspired me to become the best warrior
5 Failing means failing my pack... I will not fail
6 I fight for the pack, my family, and those who are innocent
d6 Flaw
1 I will never surrender, I will die before dishonor
2 I can't forget my fallen comrades... I need some more draught of dreamless sleep
3 I must not be in a relationship in order make the pack my priority
4 I will never forgive enemies, even if they are no longer my enemy
5 I am a better soldier than anyone, I'll prove it
6 I don't care about the consequences, I will never let them win.

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