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Yggdrasil, the World Tree

Domains: War, Trickery
Warpriest Domain: Storm

Woden, based very loosely on the Norse god Odin, is the Nord god of deceit, war and man. In the North, to speak his name is a blasphemy.

  • Use your 'friends' for your own ends, then abandon them when they are most in need.
  • Die in battle. Not to do so is dishonourable.
  • A raven is a good sign. If you need a lot of good signs, keep a raven around.

Clerics of Woden call themselves the Aesir. They are generally humans and elves, seeking revenge in some way. Their clerical training is very loose, taught as it is by other clerics taught in haphazard ways. They wear deep cowls, as their master does, and train heavily with a spear and on horseback. Temples to Woden are generally underground, away from prying eyes, in caves, catacombs or even sewers. They have a central plinth, on which is half a sculpture of a horse, showing two pairs of legs close together. On the right rises a spear, all wrought in stone. A common ritual is to kill a horse, mount it on the stand, making it appear as though it has eight legs, then kill a man, tied him to the horse and his hand to the spear, tie a pair of ravens to his shoulders and a pair of wolves to the legs of the horse. This is an attempt to make an effigy of their lord as he was in life, before his son, Thjor, killed him. On one wall is crudely carved the image of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. Clerics and priests have a habit of stuffing ravens and wolves, imbuing them with a mockery of life, and scattering throughout the world in an effort to spread Woden's faith. Woden also goes by the name of Asagrim, Alfodr, Geldnir, Galgagautr, Hangatyr, Grimnir, Hrafnagud, Rognir and Yggr.

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