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This is a guide to the Wizard class, originally written by Dictum Mortuum at the WotC forums. The original guide is also on the WotC forums.

It has been posted here with permission.

Alert: Be ready for a long read.

Also, any empty sections will be transcribed.

The color coding in this guide works in the following way: red things are not recommended, black are recommended, and blue things are highly recommended.


Wizards are a vast class. Two wizards may differ in so many areas, even if their builds are similar. The main reason for that is of course, spell selection. But what attributes are required to wizards? This is a very difficult answer, that highly depends on the spells you use regularly.

  • Strength: This is a dump stat for wizards. It only applies to touch attacks, but since they are touch anyway, you won't have much of a problem with this.
  • Dexterity: Not a dump stat, but not primary either. Helps in many ways. First of all wizards with high initiative, using a key spell can disable multiple or a particular enemy and win half the battle for their teammates. Second, helps reflex saves which are bad and last but not least it helps targeted ray spells, which require a ranged touch attack.
  • Constitution: This needs to be really high. A close second to intelligence, constitution boosts your fortitude saves and your hit points. Wizards lack in both. A minor note is that it also boosts your familiar's hit point total, too. Also the concentration skill, which all wizards should max out, is keyed off constitution.
  • Intelligence: This is your primary statistic and should always be high. Determines your save DCs and bonus spells. Also many of the wizard's skills are keyed off intelligence. Starting wizards require a 15 minimum score in this attribute to acquire 9th level spells in time.
  • Wisdom: Dump stat. Only helps will saves, which are already high. The Arcane Disciple feat needs this score, however.
  • Charisma: Dump stat, but there are exceptions. Helps some enchantment spells which require charisma rolls.


Not all races are suitable for wizards. There are some points to take into consideration when choosing a race for your wizard.

For information see Races

The Class[edit]

  • Low base attack bonus.
  • Good will save progression.
  • 2+intelligence modifier skill points.
  • Proficient with the club, dagger, heavy crossbow, light crossbow and the quarterstaff.
  • Not proficient with any kind of armor or shield.

For information see The Class


For information see Feats


Wizards receive a low amount of skill points per level. However if you consider that most wizards have a starting intelligence of 15-16 they easily get 5+ skill points when they level up. They aren't exactly skill monkeys, but they can max out several useful skills.

For information see Skills

Prestige Classes[edit]

Most consider the wizard class only 5-6 levels long. This is because after those levels the bonuses gained through prestige levels are most of the times a lot more powerful than 3 wizard feats. However prestige class aren't always as helpful as they seem to be. When looking to prestige consider the following:

For information see Prestige Classes


Spells are the bread and butter of the Wizard.

For information see Spells


The Dungeons & Dragons world has numerous and plentiful items that you can select when equipping your Wizard. Here are few items and sets to consider.

For information see Equipment


For information see Tricks and Comparisons


For information see Tactics

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