Wizard Cantrips (4e Index)

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This is an index of Wizard Cantrips in 4e.

Name Source Summary
Chameleon's Mask HoF 91 Use Arcana for stealth
Disrupt Undead HoS 99 Lower undead creature's necrotic resistance
Ghost Sound HoFL 201, PHB 158 Produce sounds
Light HoFL 201, PHB 158 Produce light
Mage Hand HoFL 201, PHB 158 Move or manipulate objects at a distance
Prestidigitation HoFL 202, PHB 159 Various minor tricks
Spook HoS 99 Use Arcana for Intimidate
Suggestion HoFL 203 Use Arcana for diplomacy
Water Stride HoEC 110 May treat water as solid ground, difficult terrain
Whispering Wind HoEC 110 Transmit a message many miles

  • HoEC - Heroes of the Elemental Chaos
  • HoF - Heroes of the Feywild
  • HoFL - Heroes of the Fallen Lands
  • HoS - Heroes of Shadow
  • PHB - Player's Handbook

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