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Triclopean Wizard Substitution Levels[edit]

Note: Only pureblood Triclopes are eligible for these, not Half-Triclopes. Triclopes have unusual mental powers and an aptitude for powerful magic: their Wizards can develop an extended mastery of magic, especially if they are not specialists (for a specialist Wizard, these powers are confined to his/her specialist school).

1st level: A Triclopean Wizard who gives up the Wizard's right to have a familiar gains a special psychomagical ability instead (a familiar can still be gained by other means, such as taking a level of Sorcerer, but Wizard levels will normally no longer count towards familiar advancement). Normally, a Wizard may choose to leave one or more spell slots "unassigned": if faced with an unforeseen problem later that day, the Wizard can then prepare a spell in the left-open slot by studying his/her spellbook for 15 minutes. A Triclopean Wizard can do this too, but this ability also allows him/her to assign a left-open slot to a spell as a free action by using another prepared spell he/she is carrying (of the same level or lower) as a template: the unassigned spell immediately becomes an identical copy of the template spell. Note that only another prepared Wizard spell that has not yet been cast can be used as a template. Alternatively, the Wizard can use this ability to copy a spell he/she has mastered via the Spell Mastery feat (even if he/she doesn't have that spell prepared). However, in both cases a specialist Wizard can only use this ability to copy spells in his/her specialist school (non-specialist Wizards don't have this limitation). If the character also gains levels in the "Mage of the Arcane Order" prestige class, these unassigned slots can also be used with the "spellpool" ability (i.e. it is not necessary to prepare left-open slots separately for the two abilities). This ability is less flexible than the spellpool (because it's limited to copying an existing or mastered spell, and may be limited to one school of magic), but it's faster (the spell can be cast in the same round, rather than the following round) and isn't restricted to a specific number of uses per day.

5th, 10th, 15th & 20th level: At these levels, a Wizard is entitled to a bonus metamagic or item-creation feat, or the Spell Mastery feat. Alternatively, a Triclopean Wizard can gain knowledge of two new spells from the spell lists of other core character classes instead (excluding clerical domain spells). These will always be at least 2 levels higher than normal, plus another level if crossing the Arcane/Divine division: thus, the Wizard could learn Cure Serious Wounds as a 5th level spell (from the Bard list, where it's normally 3rd level) and Raise Dead as an 8th level spell (from the Cleric list, normally 5th level). This can also be done with Epic Wizard feats. However, a specialist Wizard can only use this ability to learn spells in his/her specialist school (non-specialist Wizards don't have this limitation).

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