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Witch Doctor[edit]

"There are forces beyond even the means of a doctor. Sometimes the spirits heal more than the medicines made of 'science'. The world has a soul, I just tap into it."- d'Akkis, Voodoo Witch Doctor of a Grung Tribe

"All right, you go oo ee, oo ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bang bang!"- The Witch Doctor of The Cartoons tride

Skill Proficiencies: Medicine and one of either Arcana, Religion, or Nature.

Tool Proficiencies: Alchemists Tools, Herbalism Kit

Equipment: You start with an Herbalism Kit, a set of Alchemists tools made of bone, 5 voodoo dolls, a set of needles, a vial of white powder, and a vial of clear liquid.

Witchy Specialization[edit]

There are three types of Witch Doctors in the world. Those who use the natural world around them, those who call upon the elements of the natural world, and those who call upon the spirits of the natural world.

d6 Specialization
1, 2 Natural
3, 4 Elemental
5, 6 Spiritual

Feature: Voodoo Doctor[edit]

You have an understanding of life and death many ignore, be it through ignorance or sheer refusal. This tends to make people attempt to avoid you until there are no other options. The only people who tend to seek the guidance of a Witch Doctor as their first option either believe in the world's natural healing properties, or have been dabbling in areas of magic that they would be shunned for otherwise.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Witch Doctors are those who tap into the spiritual energies of life and death in order to aid those who are in pain. They partake in some practices which are seen as unsavory or unconventional to some, but most Witch Doctors pay them no heed. Most often, these strange methods prove quite effective.

d8 Personality Trait
1 The bounties of nature are almost always delicious.
2 The elements are beautiful to watch in the world. The wind, the water, the fire, the earth. All of it acts so musically.
3 The spirits tell me stories of their lives at night, and they make for wonderful stories to tell.
4 If you listen carefully, the trees speak, and the grass sings.
5 Everything lives in a balance, and as such, so do I.
6 The spirits make better conversation than most of the living.
7 If I am to teach others of my ways, we must go into ritual to enter trance.
8 "Haha, you do not understand! So let me show you what the world wishes you to believe!"
d6 Ideal
1 Life. While the world deems death as necessary, I will save those I can. (Good)
2 Death. The world holds both life and death closely. I seek to bring a balance to life. (Evil)
3 Magic. While life and death hold hands one and one, the world has magic within that bring these to be. (Neutral)
4 Nature. What is alive can bring us either to good health, or bring us to ailment. (Any)
5 Elements. The world is made up of elements that determine reality. They must be protected. (Lawful)
6 Spirits. The spirits direct how the world will turn day to day, and we have no choice but to follow, or fall behind. (Chaotic)
d6 Bond
1 The world wishes for me to save, so I shall.
2 The elements have a natural order, which I must enforce.
3 The spirits wish for me to be the judge between realms. I won't disappoint them.
4 The world being filled with life can be used to both support and end. I have and will continue to use the world as it uses me.
5 The elements have a cycle, as does life. I will not impede on this cycle.
6 The spirits talk to me, and I shall act on their desires.
d6 Flaw
1 I don't always save the lives of those who ask for help.
2 I help even those I know I shouldn't.
3 I become experimental sometimes during my practices.
4 The world continues to spin, with or without you.
5 The elements do not care for the life and death of others, and neither will I.
6 The spirits use my body and mind as a channel of their will. I do not always have control in this trance.

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