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Winter Wolf Pelt[edit]

The fur of the winter wolf, when carefully treated and removed, keeps a small amount of its powers. Items made of a winter wolf's pelt are furry or have patches of the soft white fur.

Winter Wolf Pelt can only be applied to non-metal armors such as leather or hide. It grants the user Cold Resistance 5. In addition the user never is effected by extremely low temperatures as if they had an Endure Elements spell placed upon them. However, the user also takes additional damage when struck by fire, taking +1 extra damage per damage die. For example, taking a 5d4 fire spell would add on an additional +5 damage.

Winter Wolf Pelt has the same hit points per inch of thickness and hardness as the original armor it is applied to. Winter Wolf Pelt is only suitable for armor and cannot be applied to weapons.

Cost: Winter Wolf Pelt costs an additional +3,825 gp.

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