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Wine of Nightshade[edit]

This cheap wine is prepared from mandrake or belladonna. It is often used as a pain remedy, and is easy and cheap to manufacture.

This wine is an antidote to nervous-system affecting poisions such as as the Drow Velkyn Ogglin (Candlekeep Compendium), or natural neurotoxins such as Spider's Venom (Assassins Guide to Poisons). A drinker of this wine will be cured of all neurotoxin-type poisons within 1d12 rounds. Drinking this wine while not under the effect of a neurotoxin will give a +3 alchemical bonus to Fortitude saves against nervous-system affecting poisons for 6 hours.

Market Price: 5sp (glass), 4gp (bottle)

Wikipedia: Solanum - Nightshade Genus

References For Neurotoxin Poisons[edit]

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  • Candlekeep Compendium - Drow Poisons - Susannah Redelfs

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