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The Windrender's Airship is a mighty thing to behold; an immense sailing ship with sails of deep black and four man sized lodestones glowing bright silver along its oaken sides. These work in tandem with its arcane dynamo, driving the ship through the heavens as easily as ordinary craft glide through calm seas. From its prow thrusts a broad, wedge shaped ram along whose sides cling serpentine figureheads; vipers of silver and gold coiled around glowing blue-white spheres. The titanic craft is nearly a thousand paces from bow to stern, and two hundred from port to starboard.

As it sails into view, some five hundred cannons glimmer mirage-like along its sides; two-hundred fifty shining barrels adorning each. They seem to multiply without limit, flowing apart and condensing all in the space between heartbeats. This truly is a ship worthy of the world's greatest adventurers.

  • Cost: 150,000,000 pp, 1,000,000 xp, 100 Epic Magic items of no less than 1,000,000 gold in value.
  • Ac: 130
  • Hp: 535,492. Critical hits on the Airship's lodestones deal 100 times their normal damage.
  • Speed: 50 squares
  • The Airship can attack once per round.
  • A minimum crew of 150 is required to operate the Airship.

Special: Arcane Dynamo: the Airship is capable of devouring arcane artifacts, and experience with equal ease, growing stronger with each meal.

Special: Innumerable Cannons: At your command, the hull splits apart, baring some 250 cannons +1 for every 5 points of intelligence, +20 for every Airship Level. Each cannon fires an explosive iron ball (+30 vs reflex), which smashes against any foe within a burst 15, dealing 15+ Airship Level+Caster Level damage per ball. All cannons can target the same area. The cannons can be used only once per encounter, unless you've reached the proper Level.

Special: Vast Hold the Airship can hold 500,000 pounds of equipment +10 extra pounds for every 1 point of the pilot's intelligence score

Special: Bombing Run Along the ship's hull a long seam appears, spanning the distance from prow to stern; this yawns wide, vomiting a steady stream of flashing orbs; balls of captive lightning eager to break free (+45 vs reflex). This targets all enemies beneath the ship, (around 100 squares long by 20 wide), dealing 100+Airship Level+Caster Level+Pilot Intelligence score in damage. The bombs can be launched only once per day.

Airship Levels[edit]

  • Level 1: the Airship starts at level 1. All the above features are included in this level.
  • Level 2 (requires 115,000 xp, or 2 epic magic artifacts of at least 100,000 gold in value): The Airship's cannons increase their damage by 1 point for every 5 caster levels.
  • Level 3 (requires 250,000 xp or 4 epic magic artifacts of at least 100,000 gold in value): The Airship gains a new ability. Barrage: make one extra attack per round with the Airship.
  • Level 4 (requires 500,000 xp or 8 epic magic artifacts of at least 200,000 gold in value): Armored Lodestones. The Airship's lodestones no longer act as weak points, instead bearing heavy armor of beaten bronze. The Ship's speed is reduced to half.
  • Level 5 (requires 1,000,000 xp and 10 epic magic items of no less than 1,000,000 gold in value): Enhanced Airship. The Airship can now attack as many times per round as all its crew, with its cannons now able to be used at will.

  • Level 6 (requires 1,500,000 xp and 5 epic magic items of 150,000 gold in market value): Bombardment. The Airship gains two mortar cannons, which target a burst 5 of no more than 50 squares away. They ignore armor, and deal 150+Airship Level+Caster Level+Pilot Intelligence Score in damage. All attack bonuses are increased by the Pilot's intelligence modifier. The Airship recovers health equivalent to the Pilot's intelligence score once per round. Its Ac and Hp are increased by twice the pilot's level.
  • Level 7 and beyond: xp requirement doubles, as does the artifact requirement. Each level triples the damage and double the modifier of all attacks. Additionally, the ship can be customized with powers of the players' own creation. Each custom ability starts as a daily, but each subsequent level reduces this; first to encounter, then at-will. These powers are left largely to the DM's discretion, as is the material cost of upgrading the ship, and any consequences thereof.

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