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Wild Metamagic [Wild][edit]

You can channel the wild power of nature that flows around you into your magic, allowing you to pay the cost of metamagic feats by spending uses of your Wild Shape ability.
Prerequisite: Wild Shape, any two metamagic feats.
Benefit: When you cast a divine spell that is enhanced by a metamagic feat, you can spend a number of uses of your Wild Shape ability equal to the number of extra levels that the metamagic feat imposes on the spell rather than raising the spell's effective level. You cannot use this feat to add metamagic feats that would make the spell's effective level higher than the highest level of spell that you can normally cast.
Special: Wild Metamagic cannot be used to split the cost of a spell. The entire cost of the spell and the metamagics used must be paid using either a spell slot of appropriate level, or using Wild Shape uses. The Silent and Still metamagic feats cannot be used with Wild Metamagic.

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