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Wickerdust is a drug, created as irregular crystals but ground to a (from weakest to strongest) brown, gray or dirty-white powder for storing. The drug (which functions like a poison) gives an user mostly visual hallucinations in the form of blurred sight and inability to concentrate on any one spot for long. Users are characterized as talkative, stronger of character but unable to make sensible decisions and easy to lead. Repeated use leads to a powerful addiction. Pushers often give the first sample of the drug for a tenth of the normal price. Since it's illegal, wickerdust is hard to sell without high risk.

Type: Ingested DC 18 (saving throw not allowed when ingested willingly)
Initial Damage: 1d3 Wisdom damage
Secondary Damage: 1d3 Wisdom damage

A pouch of wickerdust costs 500 gp.

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