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Werner, the god of ideas, is represented by a moon of water pouring a continuous waterfall onto the Material Plane.

Domains: Knowledge, Skill
Warpriest Domain: Oghma

Werner is the savior of all those who have been struck with great inspiration. He is a kind but quiet god, and his temples are few. He is credited with the creation of the Everlasting Waterfall. Werner is also identified as the master of ideas, creator of the flooding moon, and devin. He is the endorser of creative thought and ideas. All creative folk pay at least some homage to Werner, but many other people say a prayer of thanks when a good idea comes their way. Prayers are requested by those who need a new idea, and given in thanks when it is received. His tenets are:

  • Think.
  • Respect the intellectual property of others, and pay some homage to them if you do use it.

Werner endures on the Everlasting Waterfall, a large moon made of water that pours a continuous waterfall onto the Material Plane. Temples to Werner often feature inner chambers that are mind-numbingly non-linear puzzle boxes. Otherwise, they are quiet and serene, having tomes aplenty. Clerics who follow the Path of Werner pass vigorous mental tests, most involving innovative thinking instead sheer knowledge.

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