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Personality IMPORTANT DC'S ALERT[edit]

A Werewolf's personality is solely based on how the Werewolf reacts to being a Werewolf. Being bipedal when moving, and quadrupedal when running, these creatures stalk the forests and wilderness to hunt for their meal. Barbaric in nature, most Werewolves are not civilized, and when bitten, their savage instincts can over come them and they can lose all control (Wil Save DC: Char level + 10). Werewolves that have been turned into a Werewolf by spell can have their beast form revert into a Human for up to 6pm (based on Earth's time frame, please configure it to match your planet's total hours of the day), but after that they must make a DC of 10 + Char level. Humans (or humanoids) bitten by a Werewolf, being a offspring of two Werewolves, or being an offspring of a Human and a Werewolf can transform back and forth at will. Some werewolves are civilized, and are accepted among society.Most Humans are afraid of Werewolves, unless they know them. Sometimes a Werewolf can lose control, and can not control when they transform. Most Werewolves are vicious, and some are just plain rude, both in Humanoid form and in Beast Form. You can make a kind hearted Werewolf who is a pacifist Cleric, or you can make a evil, maniacal, jerkaholic, who's sole goal is to bite everything in a <insert number here> mile radius.

Physical Description[edit]

Height Averages: 6ft - 7ft2, Weight Averages:180-300 most females are 180-240 while males may range from 185-277, Size: Med, Eye Color: Usually Yellow, Green, Brown, Black, or Red, but this may vary depending on how your Werewolf is as a whole. Skin: Depending on your fur alone. Skin is translated to fur color, unless you want to describe what your character looks like when shaven, Claws, Razor Sharp teeth, Carnivorous, can be Omnivorous, Hair: If you used Skin as a description of your shaved Werewolf, then you can use this as fur color. If you didn't use Skin as a shaved description, you can use this as a mane color description (if you want your mane to have a different color), Leathery nose (usually black), Wolf like features. Claws are 1d8, and evolves into 3d8 at level 10, and 5d12 at level 20. Bite damage is 2d8, and evolves into 3d12 at level 10 and 6d12 at level 20.


Depending on their Humanoid form and their parents base form, they are usually neutral, yet rude to most races.


Any, there is no set alignment but a more realistic Werewolf is Chaotic Neutral.


Anywhere in the wilderness that is on land. Typically forests and mountains tend to be homes for them.


Other than favoring Nature and siding with all nature related things, none.


Druidic, Common, Wolf


Names are given by parents, clans, or by a nature god/goddess. Some example names are Hauls-Ropes-Faster, Jason, Alistar, Hunts-With-Shadows, Shadow-Paw, ...

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Str, Con, Int, Wis, Cha, and Dex. they are superior to humans in all ways.
  • Humanoid
  • Med
  • Natural weapons: 2 claws (1d8) and a bite (2d8).
  • Base Land Speed: 40ft
  • natural armour: 2 (in all forms)
  • Starting Feats: Sense Life 100ft, Dark Vision (as much as your character can see), Smell Lie, Track Target (may take up to 5 targets), Human Form, Run
  • Automatic Languages: Druidic, Common, Wolf
  • Favored Class: Druid
  • Level Adjustment: +2

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