Were Fang Covers, Mithral (3.5e Equipment)

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A combat type of Were Fang Covers that are lighter than others and so are easier to put on and remove...

These Fang Covers will make the Lycanthrope's bite attack work like a weapon made of Mithral...

A Lycanthrope can't use Fang Covers unless they are aware that they suffer from Lycanthropy, due to the light nature of Mithral when changing involuntary they only have to pass a DC 15 Reflex save to put the Fang Covers on in time, if the transform is voluntary they automatically pass the Reflex save, again due to the light nature of Mithral while in hybrid form they may take the Fang Covers on and off as a Move action that still provokes an attack of opportunity, they still can't take the Fang Covers on or off while in animal form...

Due to being made of Mithral this is considered a masterwork item and so costs extra and since this is not considered a weapon it doesn't gain the +1 masterwork weapon bonus...

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