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Frontier Longarm

Compression Ballistics. Ballistic weapons in the Lakes region rely on pneumatic pressure from a compressed air reservoir. Most often the reservoir is a double-valved metal cylinder or bulb either built into the stock or directly below the firing mechanism. Requiring no black powder, these weapons are far cleaner, less expensive to maintain, and can fire while wet, or even underwater. This particularly is an important quality in the wet and often rain-prone Lakes region. Also significantly quieter; the sound of a firing air pistol is comparable to popping the cork on a champagne bottle.

Listed below are some of the more common firearms available in the Sanctuary's Lot setting.

firearms cost damage weight properties
Allowance Rod 10 gp 1d8 ballistic 1 lb. Ammunition (range 20/60), loading, light
Behemoth Pistol 30 gp 2d10 ballistic 4 lb. Ammunition (range 30/90), reload (2 shots)
Firebrand Piece 20 gp 2d8 fire 4 lb. Ammunition (range 10/30), loading
Fowling Piece 15 gp 2d4 ballistic 6 lb. Ammunition (range 20/60), reload (2 shots), two-handed, simultaneous (2d8 ballistic)
Frontier Longarm 20 gp 2d8 ballistic 6 lb. Ammunition (range 150/600), loading, two-handed
Horse Carbine 20 gp 2d8 ballistic 5 lb. Ammunition (range 90/360), loading, two-handed, cavalry
Orbiting Shortarm 35 gp 2d8 ballistic 8 lb. Ammunition (range 80/320), reload (6 shots), two-handed, cavalry
Orbiting Longarm 40 gp 2d8 ballistic 10 lb. Ammunition (range 100/400), reload (6 shots), two-handed
Persuader, Excess Drum 120 gp 2d10 ballistic 14 lb. Ammunition (range 50/200), reload (12 shots), two-handed
Perseverance Gyre Pistol 15 gp 2d6 ballistic 3 lb. Ammunition (range 40/160), reload (6 shots), light
Allowance Rod. A small, one-shot gun meant to be cheap and easy to conceal.
Behemoth Pistol. Unwieldy pistol with two chambers for over-sized loads. Made for finishing off monsters. Unpractical and overpowered for most civilian use.
Firebrand Piece. Notoriously dangerous (particularly to their wielders) these weapons are often little more than a pistol chambered for a shot round filled with volatiles. Seen as hazardous and unnecessary, most town constables will confiscate these weapons on site.
Fowling Piece. These weapon statistics could depict any of hundreds of models of inexpensive scatter-guns found in the hands of hunters and farmhands everywhere.
Frontier Longarm. Rifles of this type were built for hunting game, though similar weapons are common in most modern militarizes.
Horse Carbine. A shorter, lower powered rifle proportioned for firing from horseback.
Orbiting Longarm. Combining a larger version of a multi chambered cylinder with a long, rifled barrel. Not as accurate as a standard longarm, but nearly as reliable, and capable of firing six rounds before reloading. The “orbiting” firearms have a flat horizontal wheel embedded in the gun above the cylinder to manually advance the chamber.
Orbiting Shortarm. A lighter, easier to handle version of the orbiting longarm, the barrel is no longer than a man’s forearm. Made specifically to accommodate ranged combat.
Persuader, Excess Drum. The Excess Drum Persuaders were guns designed explicitly as monster-hunters. Overpowered, needlessly complex (to accommodate the large cartridge cylinder), and over-burdensome, the entire line of “Persuader” model guns are considered grossly impractical except in the most extraordinary circumstances. It is very rare to see them in the field, though at least one can be found in any armory.
Perseverance Gyre Pistol. One of the most popular manufacturers of a gyre pistols, Erantian, has produced several very successful models. The perseverance is well regarded due to its reliability and price. Statistically, this could represent any number of other standard six-bullet gyre pistols.

new weapon qualities[edit]

Simultaneous. more than one round can be fired simultaneously for a greater damage total.

Cavalry. A character proficient with firearms on horseback with the Mounted Combatant feat has the advantage on attacks with this firearm while within short range.

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