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Weaponry in Biscore-Zabbet has developed as far as industrial technologies. Due to this, there are a wide variety of weaponry to choose between, ranging from basic tools to deadly flintlocks. Many still use basic weaponry, such as Greatswords or Longbows, simply due to ready accessibility. All weapons in the SRD are allowed, along with the following weapons.

Weapon Cost
Simple Melee Weapons
Brass Knuckles 8 sp
Broken Greatsword 10 sp
Broken Sword 5 sp
Bokken 5 gp
Machete 10 gp
Pickaxe 2 gp
Scythe 2 gp
War Ribbon 5 sp
Simple Ranged Weapons
Boomerang 2 gp
Flintlock Pistol 400 gp
Mini Explosives 10 gp
Net Launcher 60 gp
Wrist Bow 150 gp
Martial Melee Weapons
Ball and Chain 25 gp
Cat o' Nine Tails 3 gp
Giant Boomerang 35 gp
Poleaxe 20 gp
Polepick 65 gp
Spiked Greatclub 1 gp
Ultra-Greatsword 600 gp
War Scythe 10 gp
Wheel 15 gp
Martial Ranged Weapons
Blunderbuss 450 gp
Dragon 400 gp
Lever-Action Rifle 1250 gp
Musket 700 gp
Revolver 900 gp
Bullets (50) 5 gp

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