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Way of the Yellow Rose[edit]

Monk Subclass

Monks of the Way of the Yellow Rose serve the god Ilmater and are taught to embody his compassion and endurance. Students undergo rigorous training to endure suffering and take action against those who cause it. To the oppressed and downtrodden, the monks of the Yellow Rose are known as guardians and champions. To tyrants and the enemies of Ilmater, they are feared for their relentless pursuit and near indestructibility.

This monastic tradition is intended for monks of the Order of the Yellow Rose as described in the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide.

The Yellow Rose is Silent

When you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in Stealth and Survival, and you double your proficiency bonus when making checks with these skills.

The Yellow Rose Endures

At 3rd level, you can manipulate your ki to endure and overcome suffering. As a bonus action, you can spend 2 ki points to gain temporary hit points equal to your Monk level + your Constitution modifier + your Wisdom modifier.

The Yellow Rose Remembers

Starting at 6th level, you learn techniques to transform your body to be more dangerous and resilient. As an action, you can spend 2 ki points, and you gain resistance to a single damage type you have taken damage from in the past minute. This ends after a minute.

The Yellow Rose Ventures

At 11th level, you become a seasoned traveler, gaining these benefits.

  • You gain Advantage on all saving throws against Exhaustion.
  • Your speed increases by 10 feet while you are not wearing armor or wielding a shield.
  • You can take the Step of the Wind without spending ki, and you can forgo one of the attacks made as part of a Flurry of Blows to gain the benefits of Step of the Wind.
The Yellow Rose Embraces

At 17th level, you become an avatar of Ilmater who can ease the suffering of others through self-sacrifice. As an action, you can spend 2 ki points and take 12d8 necrotic damage to cast power word heal. This cannot target you, and the damage taken cannot be reduced by any means.

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