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Way of the Virulent Form[edit]

Monk Subclass

Many odd cults have come and gone, every single one stranger than the last. Sometimes, they take root, and from there, things can get bad. Developed by one with a penchant for sickness, the Way of the Virulent Form revel in disease. Their bodies are gnarled, sickened, or otherwise harmed by the conglomerate of awful pathogens which ravage their physical forms, but this is not without purpose. Through the teachings, they are unharmed and actually empowered by their presence, becoming both more durable and dangerous.

Host of Taint

Upon taking this path at 3rd level, you gain the following benefits.

  • You are resistant to poison damage, and immune to the poisoned condition.
  • You are immune to the effects of diseases, but you can still contract them.
Disgustingly Resilient

The wretched form you take is more than durable, whether it manifests as pestulant growths or insects which shield your body in order to feed off it further. Starting at 3rd level, you gain a pool of hitpoints equal to 3 × your Monk level. Whenever you take damage that isn’t psychic, you may use your reaction to instead have the pool take damage. If this damage is more than the amount of hitpoints left in the pool, it is reduced by the amount left, and you take the remaining damage normally. This pool is brought back to full after a short or long rest.

Acidic Blood

Starting at 6th level, whenever you are damaged by an attack, you may choose a creature within 5 feet. They take acid damage equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Horrid Touch

Starting at 11th level, whenever you use Stunning Strike, and the target fails, they are also poisoned for the next minute.

Putrid One

At 17th level, you are taint personified. When you hit a creature with an unarmed strike, you may use 3 ki points and a bonus action to cast contagion, targeting them as if you had already hit them. Wisdom is your casting modifier for this spell.

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