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Way of the Thousand Fists[edit]

Monk Subclass

Monks trained in the Way of the Thousand Fists monastery tradition are the soldiers of their faith. When facing an enemy they strike a dozen times before their enemies can attack once, attacking with an almost inhuman ferocity and speed. These monks are one man armies, tearing down the enemies of the balance. With the arrival of these valorous monks, the battle is often over before it can begin. Way of the Thousand Fists monks are the embodiment of "a good defense is a good offens.

Lightning Assault

At level 3 you have dedicated yourself to this incredibly aggressive form of martial art. You gain the ability to add a third attack onto your flurry of blows feature. When you do so, enemies have advantage on attacks against you until your next turn.

Enlightened Blows

At level 6 you have become further enlightened. You have obtained the knowledge of how to embed your attacks with ki. When you activate your flurry of blows, you can spend up to 3 ki points to add your wisdom modifier to the damage and attack rolls of a number of attacks equal to the ki spent.

Caught off Guard

At level 11, you have learned to strike fast, taking advantage of every and any weakness in your opponent's defenses. You can spend 5 ki points to apply flurry of blows to your extra attack as a free action. When you can make an attack of opportunity, you can spend 3 ki points to use your flurry of blows. In addition, using the third strike option of Lightning Assault, the creature you targeted will no longer have advantage against you for the remainder of the turn.

Shattering Defense

At level 17 you have truly mastered the ability to turn a series of swift strikes into mortal wounds. When you hit with all three flurry of blows the target must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save you send vibrations through their body dealing thunder damage in d8s equal to half your monk level rounded down. On a success the target takes half the damage.

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