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Way Of The Soul Crusher[edit]

Few monks know this dark and powerful fighting style exist and fewer use it's abilities, almost all who have used these techniques have been executed for high treason, murder, heresy, and much more. All but one who always shows up to corrupt young students with the temptation of power. - Opening to the forbidden book, Kahnshiru The Messorem.

Ethereal Corruption

At 3rd level, your fist has come to embody the corruption of which this style is made from. By spending 1 Ki Point, all your attacks for one minute would deal an extra 1d4 necrotic damage. This grows to 1d6 at 6th level, 1d8 at 11th level, and 1d10 at 17th level.

Encroaching Death

At 6th level, your Flurry Of Blows has transformed to Encroaching Death. When one or more strikes from your Flurry of Blows hit the target, the target must make a Constitution saving throw against your Monk DC or be Poisoned. The DC increases by 2 if all attacks from your Flurry of Blows hit the target.

Crushing Bolt

At 11th level, you can now fling a bolt of corruption towards your enemy. As an Action, you may make a 30 ft. ranged attack by spending up to 3 or more Ki points (limit of 5). on a hit, the creature must make a Constitution saving throw against your monk DC. If it fails, then you deal X+3d8 Necrotic damage where X is the number of Ki points spent. If the creature succeeds then it takes half damage. You can only use this feature once per short or long rest.

Soul Crush

At 17th level, you are able to use the main allure of the Way Of The Soul Crusher, the ability to instantly kill. When you make an unarmed strike you may spend 5 Ki points to mark a creature to death. You may only mark one creature at a time and it remains marked for as many turns as your Monk level. After the creature is marked, as an action you may activate it and it must make Constitution Saving throw against your monk DC. If the creature fails the saving throw it dies. If the creature succeeds, you suffer 10d10 Necrotic damage. Such is the reward of those who plays with oblivion. You may do this once per long rest

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