Way of the Serpent (5e Subclass)

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Way of the Serpent[edit]

Monastic Tradition

Monks that follow the way of the serpent, focus on evading attacks and striking with deadly poison.

Slithering Techniques

You have learned to move as a serpent does. At 3rd level when you are prone you may crawl at your regular movement speed. As well while prone other creatures do not gain advantage on attacks against you because of you being prone, and you do not have disadvantage on attacks for being prone.

Injecting Strike

You have trained in the art of administering poison to your opponents. At 6th level when a creature fails the saving throw for your stunning strike they also take 3d8 poison damage. The poison damage increases by 1d8 when your reach 11th and 17th level.

Ophidian Stalking

When you reach 11th level while you are prone and not unconscious, you may use your bonus action and become invisible as if by the the Invisibility spell.

Fangs of the Cobra

When you reach 17th Level attacks you make with your unarmed strikes or monk weapons now deal extra poison damage equal to your dexterity score, and each creature you hit must make a constitution saving throw against your Ki Save DC or become poisoned.

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