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Way of the Open Mind[edit]

A Psionic path that expands the way the mind works, and what it can do when focused.

Saving throw proficiencies change to Dexterity and Intelligence. Also add Arcana to the list of skills you may choose to be proficient with.

Psi Strike

When you choose to undertake this tradition at 3rd level, you can create a blade of psionic energy to use in melee (created with a free action) and hurl bolts of psychic energy to harm your foes. You gain a ranged a ranged attack that you can use with the Attack action. The attack has a range of 30 feet. You are proficient with it, and you add your Intelligence modifier to its attack and damage rolls. It's damage is force, and it's damage die is 1d4. This die changes as you gain monk levels, as shown in the Martial Arts column of the Monk table. When you use the attack action on your turn to use this special attack, you can spend 1 ki point to make two additional attacks with it as a bonus action.

Slip of the mind

At 6th level you gain the ability to spend 2 ki points to gain the effect of the Blur spell. It is concentration so if you are attacked and take damage you must make a concentration check to maintain the effect.

Psionic Detonation

At 11th level you gain the ability to choose a point with 150 feet of you to release a wave of psionic energy. Each creature in a 20 foot radius must succeed an Intelligence saving throw or take 2d6 psychic damage. You can increase the damage dealt by spending ki points. each point you spend, up to a maximum of 2, increases the damage by 2d6.

Extension of the Mind

At 17th level you may spend a number of ki points to produce an effect similar to one of the following spells

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