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Way of the Ninjutsu[edit]

The path for the monks who train to unlock the limitless agile, silent killer potantial on their body. Combining their training with the magical energy of ki and become unstoppable cold blooded killers vanishes from the dark. Called shinobies or ninjas.

Ninjutsu monks are rarely self taught, their training is unspeakably cruel. They start learning the art on their childhood and their masters are very diciplined and almost emotionless, who see any mistake as a deadly one. Their tamples hide in the dark places that no ordinary people can reach. The path of ninjutsu trains monks to become assassins of an order, to preserve it.

Arts of the Ninjutsu

At 3rd level you gain proficiency in poisoner's kit. Also you gain additional uses for ki, when you choose this path.

Ninjutsu Stealth: As an action, you can spend 1 to 3 ki point to give yourself +4 on any stealth (dexterity) check per ki point spent for 1 hour.

Ninjutsu Vanish: You can spend 1 ki point to take the hide action as a bonus action. You can hide in sight in this way.

Ninjutsu Strike: As a bonus action, you can spend 1 ki point to strike a fatal part of your opponent. Causing it to bleed. It must succed on a constitution saving throw or take your weapons damage (not modifiers) each start of his turn for 1 minute. Your target or his allies can spend an action to make a medicine check equal to your ki save dc, ending the effect on a succesful number.

Ninjutsu Senses: As a bonus action, you can focus on your inner ninjutsu senses and spend 1 ki point to give yourself blindsight up to 10 feet for 1 minute.

Master of Killing

At 6th level, you learned how to strike your opponent with the most deadly way when its not aware of you. You have advantage on attack rolls against any creature that hasn't taken a turn in the combat yet and any hit you score against a creature that is surprised or not aware of you is a critical hit. Furthermore, the creatures don't get armor class from shields or dexterity modifier when you are hidden from them.

Unnatural Reactions

At 11th level, you reached the unnatural perceive and reflexes due to your ninjutsu training. You can have 3 reactions per turn and you can use an object as a reaction after an ally or enemy uses an action on their turn. This objects can be such as smoke bombs or potions but not magical or normal items that deal damage.

Limitless Agility

At 17th level, you have mastered over the art of death, vanish and agility called ninjutsu. You have achieved the supernatural agility with your chakras and inner energies. You are always on the effects of haste spell if you are not incapitated. However, your speed is not doubled when you are in the effect of haste spell in this way.

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