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Way of the Nightfury[edit]

Monk Subclass

Demonic possession is generally avoided by most, as it is incredibly dangerous to both yourself and others. Those who follow the Way of the Nightfury agree, as their traditions are built off this concept. They purposely allow demons into their bodies, battered and abused by their sheer mental fortitude. However, in dangerous times, they allow small moments, seconds, where their chains are let loose. This, known as the Nightfury, awakens untold power within these monks, if it doesn’t kill them first.

The Nightfury

The demon is bound, and you are prepared. Starting at 3rd level, at the start of your turn, you may enter The Nightfury. Your speed increases by 10 feet, and your attacks deal extra fire damage equal to your Wisdom modifier. However, at the end of your turn while in the Nightfury, you take necrotic damage equal to your Proficiency bonus - your Wisdom modifier(minimum 1), which cannot be reduced by either resistance or immunity. At the end of your turn, you may exit this form, after taking the damage.

Dual Conscience

The cruel fiend within your mind may know better. Starting at 6th level, when you make an Insight, Investigation, or Perception check, you may spend a ki point of gain advantage on the roll.

Boiling Over

The demon has grown stronger with you, for better or worse. Starting at 11th level, when in Nightfury, your AC increases by 2, and your speed increases by an additional 10 feet. However, the damage taken from Nightfury increases to double your Proficiency bonus - your Wisdom modifier.

Become as One

The demon is you, you are the demon. When you enter the Nightfury, you may spend an extra 5 ki points. When you do so, during this Nightfury, you gain the following.

  • You sprout leathery wings, and gain a flying speed equal to your movement speed.
  • Your unarmed attacks deal an extra die of damage, as necrotic damage.
  • When a creature hits you, they take fire damage equal to your Wisdom modifier, and your next unarmed attack deals the same amount of extra damage.
  • You cannot reduce the damage taken from having Nightfury active.

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