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Way of the Limitless[edit]

Monk Subclass

Monks have always worked hard to push their body to their limit, making them deadly weapons, but the legendary monk: Yung of the Three Lights sought a way to better Himself even further and after many years of training, he developed the Forbidden art that is the way of the limitless.

One of the many forbidden arts, the way of the limitless is based around removing the limits of one's body by enormous self-control and the usage of ki. Practitioners of this Forbidden art are able to push themselves past their limits temporarily healing themselves and boosting their damage but they need to be careful as there is a price to pay for the tremendous power the way of the Limitless gives.

Opening the Doors

When you chose the way of the limitless at 3rd level, you gain the ability to open the doors, increasing your aptitudes but at a risk Opening doors takes a bonus action, costs 1 ki point per door and lasts for 10 minutes, after which you get an exhaustion level. Each time you open a door the 10 minutes resets and the bonus it gives add up to what the previous door's bonuses. Each door open adds up to the exhaustion level and more then one door can be opened at a time. (1 door = 1 exhaustion level)

Door 1: Veins become apparent on your body, you get to add Proficiency bonus to all rolls.

Door 2: Your skin becomes significantly red, you gain 10 feet of movements.

Door 3: Your muscles swell and you feel a transparent Ki aura begin to form around you. You gain an extra attack.

Door 4: Your eyes become white. You get all of your Hp Back, 15 ft of extra movement, and +5 to damage.

Door 5: Your hair begins floating and you feel the Ki aura has completely formed, you get +3 to AC and Resist 5 points of damage per attack.

Door 6: Your hair turns white if it wasn't already. The Ki aura turns red and you feel mild pain all over your body. You get all of your Hp Back, +20 ft of movement, +10 damage, +5 to attack rolls, +5 to AC, and another extra attack.

Limit Push

At 6th level you gain the ability to push your limit. By spending one Ki point, you gain an extra action that turn, but for the next minute you will have a -1 penalty to all rolls. You can push your limit a number of times equal to your Dexterity modifier (minimum of one) before taking a long rest.

Restoration of the Soul

At 11th Level you gain the ability to heal your exhaustion by meditating. To do so, you need to meditate for 1 uninterrupted hour per exhaustion level you wish to remove. It costs 2 ki points per exhaustion level and ki points spent this way can only be restored by one week of uninterrupted rest. You can also use this ability as part of a long or short rest.


At 17th level you learn how to surpass your limits even when doing the simplest of actions, and as such you add your Proficiency bonus to all rolls. The penalty time for pushing your limit is reduced to 30 seconds and the cost of Restoration of the Soul as well as its meditation time have both been halved. You now can skip opening the first door, and immediately open the second door, for only one exhaustion point.

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