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Way of the Leech[edit]

What's yours is mine ,by [Eric Belisle]

Knowledge of pressure points - high density valves of a person's inner ki - allows many great masters to disable opponents, by blocking or disrupting the flow of ki through their bodies. Others, however, have applied this understanding of the mystical connection between body and ki in a different way: by manipulating one's own ki flow around these areas, an enemy's ki can be sapped directly from their body, and into the Leech.

Such activity - theft, of a sort, of lifeforce - is seen as an abomination by some sects. Occasionally, it may indeed be such; some monks who follow the Way of the Leech are drawn by the feeling of ki overflow down a dark path, their addiction (or perhaps just moral apathy) compelling them to kill in order to satisfy their hunger. Others join with the understanding that ki is a transient thing, over which it is impossible to claim ownership - and that manipulation thereof can be committed to good or evil ends. Such monks use their ability to draw ki as a way to disable their opponents without major injury, while bolstering themselves in the fight.

Path of the Leech;

When you choose this tradition at 3rd level, your eyes and hands open to the ki pathways flowing through the bodies of your opponents. You gain the following benefits:

  • While you are grappling or climbing(via the Climb Onto a Bigger Creature action) a creature which is not an Undead or a Construct, at the end of each of its turns, you can force it to take an amount of necrotic damage equal to half your monk level, rounded down. You then gain temporary hitpoints equal to the damage dealt, rounded down.
  • When you reduce a creature that is not an Undead or a Construct to 0 hitpoints while grappling or climbing it, you can use a bonus action to leech their lifeforce as long as you are still holding on somehow. You gain hitpoints equal to half your level, rounded down, and they immediately fail one Death saving throw. You cannot do this if they have died.
Agile Grappler

Your goal in a grab is typically simply to keep your hand on your enemy, and not to strongarm them into an advantageous position. Starting at 3rd level, you may make a Dexterity (Acrobatics) instead of a Strength (Athletics) check when trying to grapple, climb, or shove a creature, or when said grapple or climb is contested.

Additionally, the grapple Special Attack now counts as an attack with a monk weapon for the purpose of the Martial Arts class feature.

Bewildering Throw

At 6th level, you learn to shift your oppponents' ki internally in such a way as to allow you to lift even enemies much heavier than you into the air and move them as you will. You are proficient in the Acrobatics skill if you aren’t already, and you may add double your Proficiency bonus to your checks instead. Additionally, when you try to shove a creature you’ve dealt damage to through Path of the Leech, the distance it is shoved is instead your Wisdom modifier * 5.

Ebb Tide

At 11th level, you learn to use your own ki to direct the ki flow of others not only out of their bodies, but out of particular areas within their bodies. When you deal necrotic damage to a creature which is not an Undead or a Construct with your Path of the Leech feature, you may spend 1 ki point and choose a body part. It must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw, or suffer one of the following effects, based on the body part you chose, which lasts until the start of it’s next turn. If it does not have the body part, you cannot effect it.

Part Condition
Eyes blinded
Ears deafened
Limbs poisoned
Hungry Ghost

At 17th level, your body becomes so receptive to the ki of others that you can drain them at the briefest touch. Whenever you hit a creature which is not an Undead or a Construct and which is grappled by you or being climbed by you with an unarmed strike, you may spend 3 ki points. If you do, you deal additional necrotic damage equal to your monk level and you gain temporary hitpoints equal to half your monk level, rounded down. You can use Ebb Tide when dealing damage in this way.

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