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Way of the Ki Master[edit]

Monks of the Way of the Ki Master devote themselves to mastering the art of using ki as a weapon. They gain the ability to shoot ki as a projectile, use it to repel foes, and summon companions made of ki to aid them in battle.

Ki Blasts

When you choose this mastery at 3rd level you learn to project your ki into blasts to harm your enemies. As an attack on your turn you may expend 1 ki point to fire a blast of pure ki at an enemy within 20 feet. The blast deals martial art die times three plus wisdom bonus plus proficiency bonus. The damage increases accordingly with your martial art dice shown in the Monk table from the PHB. At 11th level the range doubles. This attack counts as attacking with a monk weapon. When you gain the Extra Attack feature, this special attack can be used for any of the attacks you make as part of the Attack action.

Ki Pulse

At 6th level you learn to channel your ki into a pulse that knocks back opponents and provides a shield for you. As an action you may expend 2 ki points to target any number of creatures in a 15 foot cone in front of you. These creatures must succeed on a constitution saving throw or be knocked back up to 15 feet. Additionally, for each creature that failed, you gain temporary hit points equal to your wisdom modifier.

Ki Orb

At 11th level you learn to project your ki into an orb to cast your ki attacks through. As a bonus action you may spend 2 ki points to create the orb (Max of 3), which has 30 feet of flying movement, and has one action it may use to cast any ki abilities gained from this subclass for 1 less ki point. The orb appears within 5 feet of you and takes it's turn on your initiative. The orb cannot be killed, however it's attacks may be counterspelled, and it may be destroyed by any form of dispelling magic such as the dispel magic spell or anti-magic fields. The orb lasts for a number of minutes equal to your wisdom score, and may be dismissed as a bonus action. In addition the orb sheds 10 feet of bright light and an additional 10 feet of dim light beyond that.

Ki Clone

At 17th level you may summon a Ki clone of yourself. The clone is identical in form to you but it is made of swirling radiant ki energy. You may summon the clone by expending 4 ki points. Alternatively you may expend 2 ki points to transform your orb into a clone. You may only have a clone or an orb active at once. This clone has all benefits you have when you create it and is identical to you in all ways but a few. The clone appears within 5 feet of you and takes it's turn on your initiative, has resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, slashing and necrotic damage, and is immune to radiant damage. All it's physical attacks deal radiant damage instead of the normal damage type. It also gains all benefits and weaknesses the orb has, including all it's movement being flying. The clone lasts a number of minutes equal to your wisdom modifier from the moment you create it or transform your orb into it.

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