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Ki Blocker[edit]

This is a subclass for the Monk Class intended to bring the monk's damage in line with other martial classes at the cost of more frequent Ki usage (based on the Gunslinger Fighter Archtype designed by Matthew Mercer)

A robed tiefling faces off against her lightly armored opponent. With a quick tap to the arm, the fighter loses their grip and watches as their weapon falls to the ground. The tiefling savors the look on his face before knocking him unconcious.

A human dances across the way, avoiding a fireball before rushing up and striking the wizard in the leg with two outstretched fingers, causing him to fall to his knees, while the other members of his party surrounded him.

An elf glides its way towards the werewolf attacking the city. In a blur of movement the elf strikes 3 different areas of the beast's body and causes it to fall to the ground, drop the creature it was holding, and become just disoriented enough to allow his ally's spell to take hold.

Ki blockers understand Ki better than almost any other monk. By learning how it flows and behaves, these monks have developed the ability to redirect, and even agitate it with a few precise actions and intense focus. A monk who dedicates themselves to this art is accustomed to long hours in meditation, simply learning and becoming framiliar with the ebb and flow of Ki through living bodies. How did you learn about Ki Blocking? Were you taught by a master, or did you simply apply some medical knowledge to your fighting style and start learning on your own? How you discovered Ki Blocking will likely influence how you decide to use your skills.

Deeper Understanding

You have attained a deep understanding of Ki and the way it flows through living things. When your reach 3rd level you gain additional Ki points added to your Ki pool equal to your wisdom modifier to reflect that understanding. In addition, if you spend a 1 minute observing the creature outside of combat you learn their bodies specific Ki points and can use this to your advantage. You learn one thing about the creature from the following list: Armor Class, Hit Point Total, or Emotional Disposition.

Precise Strike

You have learned to use your knowledge and precision to heighten your attacks by attacking a target's weak points. Once you reach 6th level, whenever you make an unarmed strike you can attempt to attack the target's exposed weak point(s) and damage it more; however, the precision necessary also means you may not hit the proper target. You may take a -5 to hit in order to gain additional 10 damage to the unarmed strike's damage if you hit.

Ki Blocking

You have learned to use pressure points to disrupt Ki flow and, consequently, certain bodily functions. At 11th level, you can spend 1 Ki point after hitting with a Precise Strike to target a specific pressure point on the body, dealing the attack's full damage on a hit and causing an effect to take hold depending on which part you strike. If the part of the body you target does not exist on a certain creature or cannot be reached, the attempt fails.

Neck/Head: On a hit the creature must make a Constitution Saving Throw or suffer disadvantage on all attacks until the end of their next turn.

Arm: On a hit, the creature must make a Strength Saving Throw or drop 1 held item of your choice.

Chest: On a hit, the creature suffers disadvantage on their next saving throw.

Leg: On a hit, the creature must make a Strength Saving Throw or fall prone.

Mastery of Ki

At 17th level you have learned not only how to block Ki but also how to cripple it directly, weakening your opponent dramatically. Anytime you score a critical hit with an unarmed strike, you deal additional damage equal to your monk level.

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