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The Monastic Tradition of the Iron Mountain is a discipline that tests a monk's physical strength, reflexes, and fortitude. They train their bodies to withstand nigh intolerable punishment.

Steadfast. Resilient. Unbending.

Iron Mountain Technique[edit]

At level 3, when activating Step of the Wind or Patient Defense, you may choose to gain one of the following benefits for its duration:

  • Resistance to all damage except psychic
  • Advantage on checks and saves to resist being grappled, restrained, forcibly moved or knocked prone.

Fists of Steel[edit]

At level 6, your unarmed attacks become even deadlier. They deal 1d8 damage. This increases to 1d12 at level 11, and 2d12 at level 17. You can now add double your proficiency bonus and your Strength mod (or dexterity mod whichever you use to attack) to your unarmed damage rolls. You can also choose to deal slashing, piercing or bludgeoning with your unarmed strikes.

Iron Defense[edit]

At level 11, when you are hit by a melee attack, you may use your reaction to spend 2 ki point and reduce the damage by 3d10 + your Constitution modifier + your monk level.

If you reduce the damage of the attack to 0, as part of the same reaction you may make an unarmed melee attack against the attacker if you are within range.

Iron Clad[edit]

At level 13, in addition to your Wisdom Modifier and Dexterity Modifier, you may also add your Strength Modifier to your AC.

Mountain's Conditioning[edit]

At level 17, your body is at peak performance. Your Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution scores increase by 2, your maximum is now 24 for those stats. If your stat is already at 24 you may put that stat boost on any other stat you choose.

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