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Monk Tradition for 5th edition D&D[edit]

A monk tradition that focuses on the principles of Jeet Kun Do. Monk's that follow the Way of the Intercepting Fist have learned how to study the movements of their opponents to use their power against them, while avoiding harm. Redirecting others aggressive actions to control the flow of battle.

Be Like Water[edit]

Starting when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, your study in the telegraphing of other creatures movements allows you to intercept other creatures that you can see attacks against you. Whenever a creature that you can see attacks you in melee combat, you may expend your reaction to immediately counter attack the creature (rather than parry) before the creatures attack is resolved, as an opposed roll. If your attack hits you immediately interrupt the creatures attack (it is ignored) and you deal damage as normal for the attack. Additionally, if you hold your attack action as a readied action it does not count as a normal reaction for you (you are treated as making a standard attack action, enjoying all its benefits), and you do not give up your initiative. If you hit with a readied action triggered by an attack of another creature you may use that creatures momentum against it; the first attack of your readied action deals an additional dice of damage against the creature that triggered the readied action. (This additional dmg is not an extra attack, and ability modifier dmg is only applied once)(The effects of this feature can stack with one another)

Water Crashes[edit]

At 6th level, you can use your familiarity with momentum to incapacitate your foes. Once per turn when you hit a creature with an unarmed attack, the target must succeed on a Constitution save versus your save DC, or become incapacitated until the start of your next turn. Additionally, you may spend 1 ki point on this attack to deal an additional die of damage and give the target disadvantage to the roll. This feature does not work on undead or constructs.

Crashing Crescendo[edit]

Beginning at 11th level, you gain the ability to out-maneuver your foes and use that to your advantage. Your speed increases by 10ft, and you may substitute your Dexterity score for determining your Jumping distance (instead of your Strength) and you may add your Wisdom modifier to the distance of all of your jumps; additionally you no longer require a running start to gain the benefits of a Running Long/High-jump. Whenever you move at least 10ft before you make an attack, your next attack deals an additional dice of damage. This can be done a number of times on each of your turns, so long as you have enough movement to move 10ft before each attack. (This feature can be used repeatedly on the same target, if the Monk circles their target and moves at least 10ft before each strike. Each attack can only gain ONE additional dice of damage using this feature.)

1 inch Destruction[edit]

Starting at 17th level, your touch can channel all the fury of a tidal wave into a creature. As an action, you may strike out at a creature within 5ft of you, dealing unarmed damage as normal, you may spend 1 to 10 ki points when you do so. The target must make a Constitution saving throw against your save DC, or take 2d10 thunder damage and be forced 5ft away from the monk for each ki point spent on a failed save or half as much damage and is unmoved on a successful one.

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