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Way of The Improviser[edit]

Monk Having honed your body and learning the basics of weaponry you’ve realized all things in their own respect can be utilized as an extension of one’s self. And so your surroundings can be quite well utilized in a pinch.

This is a weapon, but this could be one too

Gain proficiency in improvised and one martial weapon. Starting when you choose this tradition at 3rd level spending 1 ki point, so long as you have both hands free, you may pick up an item from around you to make an attack to knock out an enemy if they are at half health must make a DC 8+Prof+wis and at 1/5 health they are knocked out. (This only acts as if they were put to sleep) Improvised weapons share martial arts damage.


At level 6 Siege damage for 2 ki points concentration for up to 10 minutes, 5 ki points for 1 hour. When doing damage to a structure, damaged is double making a DC 15 Wisdom check to find weak points and knowing where to hit to cause damage to a single enemy within 30 feet dealing 2d6 bludgeoning damage at 14th level distance is increased to 60 and damage increases to 3d6. Gains proficiency with Masons tool.

Improvised Defense

By 11th level, As a reaction can pick up, if there is anything within reach to block an attack, the item, if not something of decent density, is then destroyed and cannot be used again, this is at the DM’s discretion of what the player finds to block. If item has an explosion or splatter element everything within a five-foot radius takes the damage, holder reduces damage by 2 x each level of monk.


Gains proficiency in sleight of hand or double if already taken. At 17th level, for 4 ki points, you’ve learned that not just things around you can be utilized by your enemies weapon as well. When a melee attack is made by any enemy within five feet at you or an ally, as a reaction can make a sleight of hand to redirect the attack and then cause weapon to be hurled 10ft from its owner. This would be against an athletics check.

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