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The Monastic Tradition of the Guardian specializes in the use of shields in tandem with other monastic abilities. A Guardian disciplines themselves in the use of the shield, valuing the defense of others as a noble purpose.

The best offense is a good defense.

Designated Aegis[edit]

At level 3, as part of a long rest, you may designate a shield in your possession as your Guardian's Shield. You gain proficiency in using that shield, and your Guardian's Shield may be used with Unarmored Defense and other monk abilities, without penalty. You may bash with you shield as though it were a monk weapon, and it deals the appropriate type of damage (bludgeoning for a simple bash, slashing if its sides are bladed, piercing if the shield is spiked).when you choses this subclass. A d4 on the table becomes a d6, d6 -> d8, d8 -> d10, and d10 -> d12.

Patient Bulwark[edit]

At level 3, you gain the following features while in possession of your Guardian's Shield:

  • You have advantage on checks and saves to resist being grappled, restrained, forcibly moved or knocked prone.
  • You may, as a reaction, impose disadvantage on an attack against a creature other than you, so long as you can see the attacker.

Thrown Aegis[edit]

At level 6, your shield can be used as a thrown weapon (with a range of 30/90). If your last attack with the shield misses, it doesn't return to you until the beginning of your next turn, otherwise it returns to you immediately after the last attack, provided you have an empty hand and it has a clear path.

You can ricochet your shield for additional attacks against creatures within range using your Extra Attack and Flurry of Blows features, or if you gain additional attacks by other means (such as through haste).

Attacks made with your shield are considered magical for purposes of overcoming resistance and immunity.

Guardian's Defense[edit]

At level 11, you can spend 2 ki as a bonus action to cast Compelled Duel, Warding Bond or haste, and you can cast levitate at will but only while in possession of your Guardian's Shield.

Bastion of Ki[edit]

At level 17, while holding your Guardian's Shield, you gain resistance to all nonmagical damage, and you also gain temporary HP equal to your Monk Level, finally you can cast fly at will

credit to Goonmeister on UA Reddit for most of the ideas

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