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Way of the frozen fang[edit]

Monastic archetype Wisdom is your spell casting ability Path of the frozen Fang The path of the frozen fang is a path only walked by those who have achieved a purity of heart ,mind and soul and who put the needs and wants of others above their own. The practitioners of this path train themselves to harness the powers of a blizzard and one day embody the three symbols of this path.The ferocity of an ice wolf. The power of a blizzard and the grace of a falling snow flake Each member of the Fangs take an oath that reads as follows:

  • I fight for others instead of myself as he who fights for himself forgets all others
  • I hunt with the cunning and ferocity of an Ice wolf to protect the weak
  • I strike with the unrelenting force of a blizzard to defend the defenceless
  • I move with the grace of a falling snowflake to give hope to the hopeless
  • I fight for others instead of myself as the strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf.
  • I am a fang I swear to never betray myself or my pack
  • I swear to never not help the helpless
  • I swear to never break my oath
Frozen training

When you chose this archetype at level three you gain resistance to cold damage, and at level seventeen you gain immunity to cold damage.

Ice arts

You have learned the most basic of the Fangs skills and have only sampled their true power. When you choose this path at level three. You may spend 1 ki point to create one of the following effects

  • Chill dagger:Ranged melee attack 2d4+Dexterity modifier cold damage and on a hit the targets speed speed is reduced by 10 feet until the start of your next turn. You can increase the damage of the this effect by 1d8 by spending 1 extra ki point (to a maximum of 5d8 the reduced movement also increases by 10 for each additional ki point as-well)
  • You cast the spike growth spell.

You also gain the ray of frost cantrip if you did not have it already.

Frozen dash

You have begun to embody the speed of the wolf and the grace of the snowflake. As a bonus action you may teleport to a point within 60ft that you can see. You then have advantage on the first melee attack you make before the end of the turn.

Advanced Ice Arts

At level 11 You now have begun to embody the ferocity of the ice wolf and the raw power of the blizzard which have given you access the next level of a fangs power you may spend 3 ki points to cast one of the following spells as an action without material components: cone of cold, wall of ice, and stoneskin.

Aspect of the fang

At level seventeen, you are now a true Fang and as such you have reached the pinnacle of your power and have attained a new form. You may use a bonus action and by spending three ki points you assume this form for 1 hour or you dismiss it with a bonus action this may be used once per short rest while you are transformed you gain the following benefits:

  • You embody the speed of an ice wolf For the duration your speed is increased by 50ft
  • You embody the raging Blizzard For the duration Your unarmed strikes deal an extra 2d4 cold damage
  • You now have the grace of a snowflake for the duration Your armor class is in creased by half your dexterity modifier rounded down
  • The cold does not faze you anymore as such any cold damage you would take now heals you for half the total damage you take

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